Friday, June 29, 2012

Stress Relief

The other night, at my friend's house, I did some throw painting. Rob and I arrived at our friend Ashley's house, and she told me that she had some canvases ready for her and I to paint however we liked. There's a lot of frustrations in both of our lives right now, so she thought it was a good idea for us to go outside and just throw paint at some black canvases! It felt pretty good!
I actually really like this painting. I wasn't really expecting to, as it was just globs of paint, but I want to hang it up somewhere. 

Throwing the paint felt really good up until we were done and I stood up. My legs started itching and they were covered in bumps! We weren't sure if it was an allergy, red ants, or grass fleas. We were all pretty confused but the bumps went away by the next morning. 

Paint throwing is a good stress reliever. I suggest you try it out next time things become too much to handle, or even before it gets to that point!

xo. Nicole

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