Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy Week

Yesterday was quite the day for me! Rob's on some new health kick where he wants to run for miles every morning while eating healthy. I'm going to do it with him, except for the every day thing. He asked me to set the alarm for 7:00am for us to get out in to the sunshine, but he slept through that and so I reset the alarm for 8:15. It went off and he did NOT want to get out of bed. I told him that if he wants me to go too (which he really wanted me to) then it would be now or not at all today. That got him out of bed. I surprised myself with pushing him out of bed and the fact that I actually got out of bed so early on one of my only days to sleep in. We ended up running 1.2 miles and then walked for an additional 3.2 miles. After the run, we got home and Rob made us some breakfast! Green onion and cheese omelettes with some fresh fruit.

I was pretty awake throughout the day and only started feeling the workout when I got to practicum. My hip joints KILLED. Any one know of any good stretches for that? 
According to this app that we both downloaded onto our phones, if I keep up with 4 workouts a week and eat under the calories that it suggests every day, I should lose 5 lbs by July 5. Just in time for my 21st birthday on July 12! I'd rather not count calories as it can be overwhelming, and I'd rather just go with how I feel. I'll see how things go for a while.

Our evening ended with some Supernatural. It mostly consisted of me covering my face or staring at the cat because I get scared too easily. She was awfully cute snuggling with one of my old socks that I just couldn't NOT look at her, right?

The next two weeks are going to be crazy with practicum, work, running, and visiting family that I may not have much time to post. I will definitely try my best to keep the wedding plans up to date with you all. In fact, I have a few DIY's that I will post when I get the time.

Happy Tuesday :)

xo. Nicole

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