Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo An Hour

I've seen this on a couple blogs and decided it would be a fun project! I had to take a photo every hour during the day. 
It started at 10:00am with browsing some blogs.
 At 11:00am, I decided to make some coffee. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that there was already water in it and that I didn't need to pour another 6 cups in all at once. Water EVERYWHERE.
 At about noon, my friend and I arrived at Burnaby campus for our second to last day of classes!
 I grabbed an Italian soda from some coffee shop while waiting. It lasted me until about 1:00pm, so this is that hour's photo as I was in class at the actual time.
 I was in class until 3, but when we got out, there was a ladybug on my friend's backpack. She told me to take a picture of it on her hand for my challenge.
 While waiting for her boyfriend to pick us up (we waited a little while), there were some pretty flowers all around us.
 The view from the Pattullo bridge on the way home from Burnaby.
 I got home around 5:30pm and started organizing my resume, references, and certificates in to one binder to make it easier on myself.
 At 7:00pm, I went to Rob's parent's house and picked up some packages that were there for me. I forgot that I ordered these! If you want to order one, check out this shop.
I also received this wedding planning book from my dad's girlfriend! Enclosed was a note saying her mom (who invited Rob and I to live with her in Red Deer) is setting aside some money to help us out with the wedding. Gah, awesome!

I'm ending my challenge at 7:00pm as tonight is just going to be me memorizing some stuff for my mock interview at class tomorrow. One more day until I'm done my college program and I will have my Child and Youth Care Worker Diploma!! Aaaahhhh!

Did you do the 'photo an hour' challenge? Link me up!

xo. Nicole


  1. I've been wanting to do a photo an hour in my blog too! I think I'll do it tomorrow!(:

    1. It was pretty fun but I almost forgot about it. I didn't forget because my friend kept reminding me :P