Friday, June 29, 2012

Gotta Get Down on Friday..

My Friday started out like any other morning here. With a cat sitting on my face. Rob went off to work this morning and instead of letting me sleep in, she decided it was time to play.
From there, I rolled out of bed and made some hash browns. I guess you could say this is another Photo an Hour days...I didn't spill a bunch of water this time, though!
After eating, I got ready to meet a girl from camp last year, Chelsey. We met at Starbucks and chatted for a while. It had been an entire year since I'd seen anyone from Zajac Ranch! 
When we finished our drinks, it popped in to my head that I wanted to try a relatively simple activity that I've seen floating around Pinterest. 
This was Chelsey's mug! You draw on the mugs with permanent markers and then bake your mug. We each did two and then her mom needed the car. When Chelsey left, I decided to play with the cat. She wasn't really very happy in the position..
Happy Friday!

xo. Nicole

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