Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Things

It's been a pretty uneventful Tuesday. I called our wedding venue and the gentleman is calling me back tomorrow with more information for me. Hopefully we get the weekend that we want, next year! Rob's parents told us that they want to pay for the venue for us and are also renting out the three cabins that are there. Rob has already said one cabin can be for my bridesmaids and I to get ready in on the day of the wedding, but I don't know if they're big enough for that...

Last night while I was at work, I saw a tweet from Kaelah about her and her adorable family having a camp out in their living room. I immediately texted Rob asking if he was up for one in OUR living room, and he said yes! I got home at 11:30pm to this:
Yep, that's our couch in two pieces on it's side, with sheets duct taped to the top. We threw our futon mattress in there with all of our blankets and pillows. We watched Wrath of the Titans while all bundled up in our blankets.

It totally felt like 8:00am when I finally crawled out of our fort, but it was 1:00pm! From there, Rob woke up and took down our masterpiece and I started on laundry. While I was doing that, Rob reformatted my laptop for me. I lost ALL of my pictures! I thought I had copied and dragged my pictures folder on to the hard drive, but I copied and dragged the pictures shortcut, not the folder. I was so upset until I realized I still had some on my phone, Facebook, the blog, camera, etc.. I've definitely learned my lesson, but I still decided to eat my feelings.
When my Grandma was out a couple Saturdays ago, she bought a hanging basket of flowers for our porch! I've kept them alive for a full 10 days so far! Rob didn't want flowers, he wanted something more "productive" and asked me to grow herbs or vegetables instead. I'm keeping the flowers and am really thinking of starting a little windowsill garden of herbs! It would be a fun project for me :)
I was being watched while painting my toe nails and I guess it wasn't too exciting, as she fell asleep by the time I was done..

My night consists of reading blogs (again) and pinning (again) while Rob is at work. Tomorrow, we're going over to a classmate's house for a bonfire. Exciting! 

xo. Nicole

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