Friday, June 1, 2012

End of Week 2!

It's finally June 1, although it looks a lot more like October here! So much rain!
Despite all the rain today, things are really looking up for us. I think June is going to be a really good month. Rob is getting more hours at his job, we got a room mate, I'm halfway done Practicum, we go and check out our venue, my grandma is coming out from Alberta in 2 weeks, and there are some job prospects when I'm done my Practicum.

Today I worked at 6:30am, but working so early was made so much better by a tweet from one of the shift supervisors last night informing me that it was 80's day at work! I promptly asked her if it was a cruel joke and made sure I wouldn't be the only one showing up with a side ponytail and not in dress code. Turns out it wasn't, and when I got there, both baristas were in BRIGHT clothing.

I came across one of those "June-Photo-A-Day"'s and decided, why not?! If it's going to be a great month, I might as well document it any way I can.
[photo source: likeabirdblog]
I don't have a "DSLR", so some days, like day 29 (long exposure), I'll come up with something else.

It's only the first day of this photo challenge, and I didn't come across anything with dots! So, here's a picture that's close enough...some of my DIY magnets!

Have a good Friday!
xo. Nicole

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