Saturday, June 9, 2012


My mom, sister, and future Mother-In-Law went and looked at 2 campgrounds today! Our original one turned out to be pretty crappy and it was way too small for the amount of people that Rob and I want to invite. We found another campground and it turned out to be pretty perfect! As soon as I walked to the picnic areas, I had so many ideas of how to decorate. We didn't put a deposit down because my mom wants me to look at Bridal Falls and Cultus Lake campgrounds before deciding on this one campground.

This is only the back picnic area where I'm thinking of having the ceremony. I forgot to take pictures of the front, which is all flat and is the perfect place to pitch a few of the humongous white tents. I can picture a ton of pastel colors and little white Christmas lights all over the place!

After checking out the venues, we were going to go try on some dresses, but my mom brought it up again that I need to sit Rob down for us to figure out a budget. She doesn't want me to be sucked in to trying on a $6,000 dress only to fall in love and not be able to afford it. 

When Rob got home from work, we sat down and took a 4th look at our guest list. Originally we had 206 people (including children)!! Looking at this campground, we could NOT fit that many people. Our budget also could just not feed that many. It took us a half hour, but we dwindled the list down to 132 (including children). The list now seems a bit more reasonable, and way more personable. I'm happy with how it has turned out, even though it was very difficult to decide who would not be able to enjoy the day with me.

How did you figure out who to invite and who to leave out?

xo. Nicole

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