Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crazy Cat

A couple days ago, I made the mistake of leaving my laptop open unattended for only a minute with a kitten in the same room. From what we've seen so far, our cat is pretty crazy. She runs and hits the walls for no reason, growls when she runs, etc..
But this...this is a new crazy.
We could NOT find my #6 key anywhere! It's been 4 days and no sign of it. I've cleaned the house, I've swept under everything...nothing. I was beginning to worry that maybe she ate it, but she isn't one to eat anything other than her food (so far).

Today, when I went to show Rob Allison's wedding invites, I picked up my laptop and it rattled. I stood there and shook my laptop a couple times and Rob mentioned "I think we found your number key." I didn't believe it at first. I thought maybe something was just loose in my laptop because it hasn't been connecting to the internet very well lately. Rob asked if he could open it up, as he's never worked on a laptop before...and I agreed.
Little did we know, our cat is possessed.
I realized now that it looks strategically placed, but I took it out to look at it and then realized I wanted a picture. But I assure you, we found it right in that exact spot (upside down, though). I'm not sure if I can trust the cat walking around at night anymore.

Anyone know how to perform an exorcism? ;)

On a less creepy note, I've been forced to make a new Twitter account. My old one, @nicloefran, is out of commission as I've lost the password for it. I changed my phone number but Twitter says that they can't locate it. First hotmail and now Twitter. UGH! So my new Twitter is @nicloemax. Thanks for following! :)

I also was showing Rob the amazing work Allison did on her wedding invitations as I won a giveaway on her blog, and she's going to be designing my wedding invitations!! I'm so excited! Her wedding is in a month, so she said she will designing when all the crazy has subsided. I'm so excited to see her wedding photos and how she got everything together and organized!
Check out her blog!
She also has a Twitter!

Thanks for checking out all those links! And I can hardly wait for my wedding invites! I've got so many ideas running through my head, it's ridiculous and only going to make it harder to choose one design.

Has your pet done something crazy?

xo. Nicole

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