Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Bottle DIY

I got home from practicum early today because I was definitely not feeling up to par. I feel like it could be a lack of sleep, but I was awake enough when I got home to make a potential centerpiece for the wedding! This is easy and inexpensive as I already had all of the ingredients. I've seen a few tutorials around the internet and I decided to try out the yarn wrapped bottles!


  • Glass bottle (any size, any kind)
  • Yarn (or twine)
  • Duct tape (or a hot glue gun)
  • Scissors (to cut the yarn/twine)

Step one is to put a little piece of duct tape (or put some hot glue) on the bottom of the glass bottle to keep the yarn in place.

Step two is to wrap the yarn around the bottle. I found it easy to hold the yarn and spin the bottle, while pressing my finger against both. I also found it looked better in the end when I periodically pushed the rows down with my fingers so that the rows were close together. 

To keep it together at the top, I left a little tail of yarn that I tucked in to the inside of the bottle and placed a few small pieces of duct tape to keep it in place. Hot glue can also be used here.

There you have it! A yarn wrapped bottle!

Feel free to add anything you like on the inside! I added some fake white roses that I had leftover from the bridesmaid boxes I made.

I really want to make these for the wedding! I've asked Rob to keep all his beer bottles and to ask his friends to keep all their wine bottles. Rob's taking it as an excuse to buy some more beer ;) If I were to make these for centerpieces, I would use twine instead. I much prefer the light brown color of the twine, especially for the theme of our wedding (campground).

Happy crafting :)

xo. Nicole

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