Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

My grandma was out from Alberta this week and carved out yesterday to spend it all with me. We had some brunch that I made with my great aunt, and then my grandma and I laid on the couch ALL day and talked. It was awesome to have that day with my grandma, as we've never had a day like that before. In the midst of conversation, my grandma told me something that kinda rocked my boat a bit. In 2004, my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and was given, I think, a 30% chance of survival and about 9 months to live (according to my grandma yesterday). My dad made the trip out from Alberta to sit my younger sister and I down to tell us in person, rather than over the phone or through my mom. The cancer went away, and then came back again. Thankfully, today, he is still alive and cancer free! 
My dad and I in 2009 at my high school Graduation.

Yesterday, my grandma told me that when my dad found out about the cancer, he told her that if anything, he wanted to stay alive long enough to walk each of his daughters down the aisle. 
Sometimes I forget how much family can love me, and this really put it in to perspective for me. So in honor of Father's Day, Pinterest Sunday is going to be all about fathers!

My dad would love these for his peanuts!
Golly, even I would love this.
I am totally doing this when we have children.
This is SO my dad!
When Rob becomes a dad, this is the card he is getting.
We can't forget those single moms! (Thanks mom)

What did you do for your dad or mom today?

xo. Nicole

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