Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Abiageal || 3 Months


Another month, another update! It's crazy how she changes and grows in such a short time span. She's graduated to a vertical picture, rather than horizontal, as Auntie Lauralynn couldn't quite get all of her in the shot ;)

Not sure of her weight and length, as we don't have a doctor appointment until beginning of July for her 4 month check up, and I haven't stepped on the scale in a while.

Favourite things:
  • She still loves her baths! We have them every other evening, and now she scrunches her eyes closed + smiles when I wash her neck. So cute! 
  • Even more of a powerhouse now when she stands, and she'll stand for minutes at a time. 
  • Abby found her legs! She kicks them with her eyes wide and staring at them, while blowing bubbles.
  • She giggled for the first time! It was when I was playing and pretended to drop her. She friggin' loved it. I had her going again today, along with some happy screaming, by making funny sounds.
  • She woke up one morning and was suddenly grasping at toys and bringing them to her mouth, especially her giraffe. It's a teething toy, too. Exciting!
  • She occasionally sleeps right through 10 hours at night. We've had a couple hiccups of a 2:30am and 3:30am wake up call, but she's only 3 months - still relatively unpredictable. We're getting there!
  • Grandma and Grandpa Danyliw were here for a week and Abby was all smiles when she'd see them.
  • We're slowly out growing the 0-3 month clothes. Quite a few onesies still fit, but we're getting into the 3-6 month clothes.
  • Abby tries to hold her bottle and pulls it out of her mouth, only to get mad. Sometimes, she just stares at it and tries to pull it back in her mouth. She obviously knows what the bottle does ;)
Abiageal is such a blessing and I can't imagine my life without her. She's beginning to recognize us as well, and smiles when she sees me or her daddy in the mornings. 

I'm looking forward to July when my younger sister comes to visit at the beginning of the month, and my mom may be able to finally meet Abiageal at the end of July! 

xo. Nicole

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Abiageal || 2 Months

Photo courtesy of my Abby's auntie, Treasured Forever Photography!

She turned 2 months old this past Saturday, May 6th. It has been so fun watching Abby grow and learn! We've had our fair share of rough days, but overall, she's a happy and healthy baby. My c-section incision finally closed at 8 weeks postpartum after 2 skin infections that kept popping it open. I missed her one month update, but onwards! I don't remember which milestones she hit before 1 month other than the fact that she's been holding her head up since week 2!

Weight: 12 pounds, 8 ounces (+ 4 lbs, 7 oz since birth)
Height: 58 cm/23 inches (+ 1.5 inches since birth)

Favourite things: 
  • A lion on a crinkly toy that came with her play mat. They have some serious conversations, and her face just lights up when she sees it!
  • Baths
  • Family. She loves tracking her cousins around the room and doesn't play shy yet with anyone! So far, she's a people person ;) weird, because her daddy and I both aren't.
  • Standing. She is SO proud of herself when we hold her forearms and she pushes herself up to a standing position. Many bubbles are blown and smiles happen!
  • Changing. As soon as I lay her on the changing pad, she's all smiles!
She's been a belly sleeper since 3/4 weeks old and refuses to be swaddled or put to bed on her back. One morning, she woke me up because she had rolled onto her back and she was pretty darn mad about it. She's also sleeping through the night! Our typical night is her sleeping from 9pm to about 4am. Last night was 10:30-5:45 because it was immunizations yesterday and she was feeling pretty off in the evening. We both made it through that, though with a few tears from both of us.

She loves blowing bubbles and smiling when she sees me, Rob, or her lion + giraffe toys. Abby found her hands, and it was fun watching her figure them out because she was always punching herself in the forehead. Her arm movements are a lot smoother, but she obviously still has a ways to go. She's starting to open her fists a little more but is still swatting at her toys with closed fists. She's been grabbing my fingers and trying to bring them to her mouth. She's not there yet with toys, but I see it on the horizon.

She had her first chiropractor appointment and she did so well! She slept through my adjustment, then despite being woken up, she was a champ and just stared at the chiropractor. A few adjustments in her lower back and one around her neck, and she was good to go. He mentioned that she was pretty advanced in her strength for her age. Well, duh ;)

It's pretty surreal having her here and knowing that I'm her mom!

xo. Nicole

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Maternity Photos

Well, it has been a hot minute since I last posted. My last post was a 39 week bumpdate, but I ended up going 11 days overdue and had Abiageal on March 6th, 2017, and now I have a 7 week old! I've been thinking about posting her birth story on here, to share and to keep, but it's probably going to be a while (let's be honest).

It's really been great, despite recovering from a c-section (helllllo house cleaner!), and our little chicky is so happy and healthy.

Anywho, I wanted to share the photos my sister in law took of me! I was 34 weeks along in these pictures :)
All photos courtesy of Treasured Forever Photography!

I'll be sure to share Abiageal's newborn photos too! I somehow found the time to make this post because it's 7am and of course I'm wide awake while Abby sleeps soundly in her bassinet. 

xo. Nicole

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bumpdate || 39 Weeks

How far along: 39 Weeks
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: 38 cm as of Tuesday. My belly had stopped at 37 cm for 3 weeks, then bam another centimeter! It could also have been the position baby was in when she measured. I see my midwife again next Tuesday!
Maternity clothes: Yeeeepppppp.
Sleep: Pretty frustrating. Up to pee, braxton hicks, and hip pain when I lay on my right side. Also, heartburn.
Best moment this week: Rob came with me to my midwife appointment, as he wasn't working, and he got to hear her heartbeat as well! I'm also negative for that group B strep thing, which means no IV for me if I can help it during labour!
Worst moment this week: Heartburn is going to be the death of me, or someone. I'm living off Tums! Knock on wood, but today hasn't been bad at all. Also, midwives suggested walking or swimming to help with labour, and I haven't been doing that (except walking around the grocery store and cleaning the house) so I basically got called out in front of Rob, lol.
Miss anything: Not having heartburn, and just not being pregnant.
Movement: Quite a bite. She likes to move her bum and feet along my bra line but it doesn't hurt. This past week or so though, she likes to push on my left side and it's actually a little painful. I try pushing her back to stop but it doesn't work. I was worried last night because I realized she had hardly moved all day, but she started moving around while I was bed.
Cravings: Just orange juice and berries still. 
Queasy or sick: Yes. Taking my nausea meds in the morning as well as at night now.
Looking forward to: I believe the last bit of pregnancy is so uncomfortable so that you're okay with the impending doom of all that pain to get her out. We're ready for her to come, but we're enjoying our time together, the silence, and the ability to get out of the house whenever we want, but I am SO DONE being pregnant. It's taking a huge toll on me to constantly have heartburn and the other side effects. I'd be okay going into labour right now just so it could start being over with. So, in short, I'm looking forward to the pregnancy symptoms to be gone, but I guess you get a whole new set of symptoms after labour. 

Hopefully this is my last bumpdate!

xo. Nicole

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bumpdate || 36 Weeks!

But seriously, how does Rob get toothpaste on the mirror every. single. time?!

How far along: 36 weeks/1 day in the picture
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: As of Tuesday, it was 37 cm, so about a week ahead.
Maternity clothes: Everything lol.
Sleep: Last Friday was glorious, I slept straight from 9:30pm-4:30am before a pee break. No such luck since. If I find a comfy position, usually a Braxton Hicks forces me to move, or I'm up to pee.
Best moment this week: I'm all done work! I'm officially on maternity leave :)
Worst moment this week: My gosh, the heartburn. It. Won't. Quit.
Miss anything: Not having heartburn and being able to dry my legs after a shower or put on socks without having to pee afterwards from bending forward.
Movement: Quite a bit, but her movements have become more gentle as she gets squishier in there. Rob saw my belly move yesterday and I've been seeing it a lot more! She doesn't move if I lay on my left side, so at night I try and sleep on my right side for a bit just to feel her move. Trying to soak it in as this very well could be my only pregnancy and it's almost over!
Cravings: As of lately, fruit! Mostly berries, grapes, and orange juice. A bowl of fresh fruit is SO good with cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Queasy or sick: Still occasionally nauseas some days, despite still taking meds. Can't wait to be done that!
Looking forward to: All the 0-6 month clothing is currently in the washer/dryer, so folding and hanging all of that today! I also have a baby shower next week on Sunday and I'm sooooo looking forward to it! As terrified as I am for labour, I'm also intrigued. I wonder how it'll start for me, how I cope, and when it will start. Last night after a pee break, it took a little while for me to go back to sleep because of an intense period cramp-like pain. It kind of set in that she could come any day now, so it kicked my butt in gear this morning to organize her room a little bit and wash those clothes! Also, time to start planning freezer meals.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bumpdate || 33 Weeks!

How far along: In this picture, 33 weeks/2 days. Today I am 34 weeks!
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: Unsure, but assuming all is great. My midwife is on holidays so I saw a different midwife and she just said "perfect!" when she measured this past Tuesday but didn't tell me the number. I also didn't ask, haha.
Maternity clothes: Yep. Everything except the cardigans! My belly has juuuuust about outgrown a few of my maternity shirts, but I got more during our trip to BC over the holidays. I'm good now until she pops out of me!
Sleep: It's okay. Since my last bumpdate, we went to BC for 2 weeks and I found it difficult to sleep well as we weren't in our own bed. Being back, it's a lot better. Braxton Hicks contractions started last week and kept me up a couple nights because they'd only go away if I changed position. The midwife I saw on Tuesday said her head is really, really low so that could also be contributing to the cramping I've been having. Now I have a cold and woke up with a fever this morning, so sleep was hard but I did end up getting 10.5 hours (according to my FitBit).
Best moment this week: Coming home and being back into our routine and I'm able to start getting things done around the house.
Worst moment this week: This cold! Rob and his mom had it for almost the entire time we were in BC, and it started hitting me the Sunday morning we flew back to Alberta. It's slowly progressing and this morning I woke up with a fever and a swollen throat. One symptom at a time apparently, but it's better in some ways because I'm not completely bed-ridden. I took today off work to rest and relax and hoping to go back tomorrow!
Miss anything: My energy.
Movement: Some times at night it feels like she's going to burst out the side of my belly, but it doesn't hurt. She's pretty active, and her little feet or bum keep pushing my bra up on my left side ;) She's still head down but facing posterior. I have some moves I'm going to start doing so she turns to face my spine for an easier labour.
Cravings: Sweet things, but not necessarily sweets. Orange juice and fruit are big right now. My appetite has gone down a bit with this cold, but the raspberries I had with my lunch were divine.
Queasy or sick: Occasionally slightly nauseas but not enough where I feel like I'll puke. Still taking my nausea meds before bed!
Looking forward to: My last day of work is January 27th, then I can start making freezer meals and getting things done around the house! Also, maternity photos this coming Sunday, and baby shower on the 5th of February! Oh, and I guess meeting our baby and wondering when labour will start. ;)

I missed a few weeks (obvs) of bumpdates, but I did take a picture the morning we arrived in BC at 31 weeks/2 days!
xo. Nicole