Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Abiageal || 4 Months

As always, Abby's monthly photo update is c/o her Auntie
Here we are at 4 months already (well, closer to 5 buuuuuut the photo was taken on her actual 4 month mark/day)! I'm probably going to say it every update, but it's seriously going too fast. 

As of July 6/17,
Weight: 15.2 lbs
Height: 63 cm
Head Circ.: 42 cm
  • She is still such a powerhouse in her legs and loves to be standing. 
  • She is such a happy baby in the mornings, full of smiles!
  • One night, she slept 10 hours and suddenly couldn't fit in any of her 0-3 month footed pjs and most of her onesies. We've boxed 'em up and passed them over to my younger sister, who's expecting a baby girl at the end of November!!
  • After that sleep, she could also just grab a friggin' toy and bring it to her mouth pretty smoothly, compared to the day before.
  • Abby found her feet! We're about 99% sure that she's a lefty, and the idea has been further reinforced by the fact that she would grab her left foot with her left hand before she tried her right side.
  • She can roll both ways! And kind of scoot on the floor. I've found her outside her play mat after I've gone to the washroom.
  • She goes back and forth between which toys she enjoys. It's still a toss up between her yellow giraffe or her crinkly lion.
  • I think her most favourite thing is the exersaucer at auntie and uncle's house. 
  • Her eyes are still blue but her hair has a red tint to it in the sunshine!
My younger sister and her husband got to meet Abby, and it was super fun! Abby and my mom meet this coming Friday for the first time and I am TOO excited! Abby and I also make it through 14 days at a time without Rob home, but he's home for 7 days. We push through, do face time, visit friends and family, and just do things to keep ourselves busy.

Well, I'll have Abby's 5 month update ready to go in 2 weeks. She's changed so much since this 4 month update!

xo. Nicole

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