Sunday, August 6, 2017

Abiageal || 5 Months

Here we are at 5 months already! And it's posted on her actual monthiversary ;) I was supposed to be doing a complete weeding job of our backyard today with my friend, but everyone who would be watching Abby for the day, are off I'll be jetting off with them this morning for the night. I was convinced to go, even with Rob out of town for work. Oh boy. But, it'll be better because I actually stay up for an hour or two after she's gone to sleep for the night now. I can socialize, unlike June's camping trip when I would pass out as soon as she did. Not fun, but worth it.

Weight: I dunno, 16ish pounds?
Height: Probably about 64 centimeters now?
  • She's still infatuated with the exersaucer at Auntie and Uncle's. She even gave me a staredown and nasty look when I carried it out of their house on Friday to put in our vehicle. Taking it camping because I enjoy being able to relax.
  • She's figuring out that she has other toys. She's not so focused on the giraffe and lion anymore. A lot of exploring!
  • We haven't had any 10/11 hour nights this past month, probably courtesy of teething, feeling like junk from vaccines (spiked a fever twice the next day!), and growth spurts. Who knows what else! She's doing pretty good with going to sleep for the night between 8-10, and waking up between 5/7am. There were a couple nights that she was up around 11pm and 3am.
  • We've learned to scream at mom, happy or mad. It's really high pitch, too.
  • Abiageal went on her hands and knees for the first time! She started rocking a liiiittle bit, and then she'd plop herself down. It ended up making her go backwards, but she wasn't crawling. Friday morning, she didn't move her hands but she slowly moved one knee after the other and went forward!!!
  • The week after she started going on her hands and knees, she could also sit by herself! She's quite wobbly most of the time, but sometimes she's just sitting no problem. So exciting!
  • Abby met my mom, her Grandma, and we survived a good overnight trip to Red Deer and back.
  • She likes to not nap most days, a few 5 minute/20 minute naps throughout the day and be cranky. So that's been fun.
  • We went to her first splash park! We stayed about 2 hours and people watched. She loved laying in the shade, watching the leaves, water, and kids running around. I also got some adult conversation, so it was really nice!
  • She recognizes her auntie, uncle, cousins, and grandma Danyliw!
I'm gearing myself up for driving to BC with Abiageal at the end of the month. I'm so thankful, and really excited, that Analise will be flying up to drive down with us. We're making it a 2 day drive, so it should go relatively okay. I'm nervous, but we'll make it work.

Photo c/o Abby's Auntie, Treasured Forever Photography!

xo. Nicole

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