Monday, August 14, 2017

Favourite Baby Products + A Giveaway!

I don't know how it was done back in the day when all these cool baby products weren't around. A few have been lifesavers and others have just been really helpful. Navigating being a mom isn't easy, and it really takes a village, but when that village isn't available it can get overwhelming. I wanted to share just a few of my favourite products that have helped me along the way!

Bath time is definitely one of Abby's favourite activities, second to her Jolly Jumper. I came across Live Clean's baby body wash/shampoo and fell in love with it! It's infused with lavendar, jasmine, and vanilla. Abby smells SO good after her bath, and with the scents, she's already rubbing her eyes when I'm just drying her off. Baths are part of our bed time routine and I want to say that the body wash/shampoo has really helped with getting her to sleep.
After bath, I use Aveeno's baby eczema care lotion. Their regular baby lotion wasn't cutting it, and the eczema care is a lot more moisturizing. No more rough patches on Abby's skin! It's also been helping my hands, which have just gone downhill since about 2 weeks post partum. Steroid creams don't seem to be helping, but switching wipes and using this lotion has.

We had a few episodes of big belly bubbles that left me in a panic while Abby screamed, and I had no idea how to help her. Gripe water didn't do anything, except they do help her hiccups now. My sister in law mentioned that Ovol helped her a lot with her kids, so I gave it a shot and it really does help. Abby's getting better at burping on her own, but it definitely helped when I couldn't get all the bubbles out.

The green necklace in the photo is a teething necklace that's meant to be worn by me. It was gifted to us by Abby's Auntie Krystal! If I was nursing, it could be used as something for her to have in her hands while she ate, or it can just be used as a teether. I haven't really worn it but I attach it to her exersaucer so she has something to chew on. She popped her first tooth 2 nights ago so she's been going hard on this thing all week! I keep an eye on her with it and don't leave her unsupervised, even though I'm sure those beads are reinforced in there, I'd rather be safe than sorry. The oreo teether is from MilkBrain Baby!

A big thing that we both love are our MilkBrain Baby bandana bibs! They're so cute, stylish, and functional. The bibs are double layered and have two snap sizes so Abby can wear them for a while. Drooling has been nonstop since she was 2 months old, and now at 5 months that tooth finally popped out! They're also SO handy when she's in her exersaucer or Jolly Jumper because it catches her puke and drool. The dogs clean up whatever it doesn't catch ;)

and now for the exciting part! Sarah from MilkBrain Baby is giving away two bandana bibs to one of you! Below is the entry form. Contest goes from today to the 21st, and the winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday the 22nd. Good luck :)

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xo. Nicole


  1. Thanks for tips on some baby essentials that were helpful with Abby. I hadn't heard of Oval before, and might give it a try with Aria. Also agree with bandana bibs, as Aria spit up a lot and bibs are so useful. Thanks for the post, and I'll be entering the giveway.

  2. My baby is such a drooler. Fingers crossed!

  3. My must have is a soft and absorbing bib for when she's cutting teeth, also the chewable jewelry is a great thing to have in a pinch when your baby wearing on the go!

  4. I love the bibs! My little guys drools like crazy and I need a bib on him constantly.