Monday, September 11, 2017

Abiageal || 6 Months (!!!)

Half a year already?! I'm not crying, you're crying. While I type this, she's going on a 2 hour nap beside me on the couch. Teething is hard business! I survived a 10 day trip to British Columbia to see friends and family. We drove there and back. I am so thankful that Analise drove with us on the way there, it helped ease my mind having her in the back seat while I drove and Abby cried, haha. The way home was a little smoother, despite it being an 11 hour drive in one day. 

Weight: 17.2 pounds
Height: 65 cm
  • She is such a people person right now. All smiles for everyone! She's started playing coy by looking away and then smiling when someone interacts with her, it's so cute.
  • We transitioned to her crib and it went so well, and still is despite a 10 day trip where she slept in her playpen. Naps in her crib and playpen are not happening as smoothly, but she'll nap if someone is holding her.
  • The same night she slept in her crib, she cut her first tooth! 5 days later, she cut her second. So now she has both her bottom front teeth.
  • She had her second sleepover with Grandma Danyliw while mom and dad had a date night and a sleep in.
  • Only the occasional 9/10 hour sleep. She's back to waking up 1-3 times a night. Those darn teeth!
  • While on our trip, she started babbling. More consonant sounds and it's so cute when she's chatting to my hand or her toys, haha.
  • She also pushed herself from her belly to sitting on her bum, and sits so sturdy now.
  • Time for me to baby proof because she's found out how to take things from under our coffee table and she's pretty much crawling. Not quite, but she gets herself to that darn coffee table.
  • Officially in 6-12 month clothes! I still try to squeeze her in some of the cute 3-6 month clothes, haha ;)
  • She laughs at the dogs all the time. Gunner sat beside her and let her play with his paws, he didn't even flinch.
  • Abiageal is not a fan of green beans, butternut squash, or avocado so far. She's okay with rice cereal, rice cereal with carrot and pumpkin, carrots, and tomato. I haven't found anything she really likes, but I haven't introduced her to any really sweet stuff yet! 
  • Not a fan of water. She aggressively bites the nipple of the bottle if I give her water. Might be best to find the right sippy cup for her to drink water from, rather than a bottle.
  • She's found her voice. My god, has she found her voice. She screams pretty much all the time. Sometimes it's happy screams, sometimes it's mad screams, haha.
We're excited for Fall and being able to go for walks in the afternoon now, rather than early morning or late evening. Next month, we fly to Scotland and I'm pretty nervous for the flights with Abby, but I'm trying to put positive thoughts out there.
xo. Nicole

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