Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bumpdate || 39 Weeks

How far along: 39 Weeks
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: 38 cm as of Tuesday. My belly had stopped at 37 cm for 3 weeks, then bam another centimeter! It could also have been the position baby was in when she measured. I see my midwife again next Tuesday!
Maternity clothes: Yeeeepppppp.
Sleep: Pretty frustrating. Up to pee, braxton hicks, and hip pain when I lay on my right side. Also, heartburn.
Best moment this week: Rob came with me to my midwife appointment, as he wasn't working, and he got to hear her heartbeat as well! I'm also negative for that group B strep thing, which means no IV for me if I can help it during labour!
Worst moment this week: Heartburn is going to be the death of me, or someone. I'm living off Tums! Knock on wood, but today hasn't been bad at all. Also, midwives suggested walking or swimming to help with labour, and I haven't been doing that (except walking around the grocery store and cleaning the house) so I basically got called out in front of Rob, lol.
Miss anything: Not having heartburn, and just not being pregnant.
Movement: Quite a bite. She likes to move her bum and feet along my bra line but it doesn't hurt. This past week or so though, she likes to push on my left side and it's actually a little painful. I try pushing her back to stop but it doesn't work. I was worried last night because I realized she had hardly moved all day, but she started moving around while I was bed.
Cravings: Just orange juice and berries still. 
Queasy or sick: Yes. Taking my nausea meds in the morning as well as at night now.
Looking forward to: I believe the last bit of pregnancy is so uncomfortable so that you're okay with the impending doom of all that pain to get her out. We're ready for her to come, but we're enjoying our time together, the silence, and the ability to get out of the house whenever we want, but I am SO DONE being pregnant. It's taking a huge toll on me to constantly have heartburn and the other side effects. I'd be okay going into labour right now just so it could start being over with. So, in short, I'm looking forward to the pregnancy symptoms to be gone, but I guess you get a whole new set of symptoms after labour. 

Hopefully this is my last bumpdate!

xo. Nicole

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