Thursday, May 11, 2017

Abiageal || 2 Months

Photo courtesy of my Abby's auntie, Treasured Forever Photography!

She turned 2 months old this past Saturday, May 6th. It has been so fun watching Abby grow and learn! We've had our fair share of rough days, but overall, she's a happy and healthy baby. My c-section incision finally closed at 8 weeks postpartum after 2 skin infections that kept popping it open. I missed her one month update, but onwards! I don't remember which milestones she hit before 1 month other than the fact that she's been holding her head up since week 2!

Weight: 12 pounds, 8 ounces (+ 4 lbs, 7 oz since birth)
Height: 58 cm/23 inches (+ 1.5 inches since birth)

Favourite things: 
  • A lion on a crinkly toy that came with her play mat. They have some serious conversations, and her face just lights up when she sees it!
  • Baths
  • Family. She loves tracking her cousins around the room and doesn't play shy yet with anyone! So far, she's a people person ;) weird, because her daddy and I both aren't.
  • Standing. She is SO proud of herself when we hold her forearms and she pushes herself up to a standing position. Many bubbles are blown and smiles happen!
  • Changing. As soon as I lay her on the changing pad, she's all smiles!
She's been a belly sleeper since 3/4 weeks old and refuses to be swaddled or put to bed on her back. One morning, she woke me up because she had rolled onto her back and she was pretty darn mad about it. She's also sleeping through the night! Our typical night is her sleeping from 9pm to about 4am. Last night was 10:30-5:45 because it was immunizations yesterday and she was feeling pretty off in the evening. We both made it through that, though with a few tears from both of us.

She loves blowing bubbles and smiling when she sees me, Rob, or her lion + giraffe toys. Abby found her hands, and it was fun watching her figure them out because she was always punching herself in the forehead. Her arm movements are a lot smoother, but she obviously still has a ways to go. She's starting to open her fists a little more but is still swatting at her toys with closed fists. She's been grabbing my fingers and trying to bring them to her mouth. She's not there yet with toys, but I see it on the horizon.

She had her first chiropractor appointment and she did so well! She slept through my adjustment, then despite being woken up, she was a champ and just stared at the chiropractor. A few adjustments in her lower back and one around her neck, and she was good to go. He mentioned that she was pretty advanced in her strength for her age. Well, duh ;)

It's pretty surreal having her here and knowing that I'm her mom!

xo. Nicole

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