Saturday, June 23, 2012


I am an official Child and Youth Care Worker! Today was my last day of classes! We had our mock interviews today for our professionalism class, and we reviewed the tapes. The instructor had no negative feedback about it, even though I giggled the ENTIRE time. Sometimes I wonder how I've gotten a job from my interviews.

In one year today, Rob and I will be married! June 22, 2013 is the day we've picked. I have to call our campground tomorrow to see if we're able to reserve that weekend next year.

About a month ago, a few of my bridesmaids and I got together and made T-Shirts! One of my bridesmaids, who is so artistic, forgot 2 letters in "bridesmaid" and we all had a good laugh. Unfortunately, I didn't put anything on the inside of the shirt, so the paint went right through to the front. It looked a bit like polka dots, so I painted dots all over the front. I can't wait until I can have all of my bridesmaids together and we can just craft for the wedding. I plan on making a lot of the decorations myself, as it is usually cheaper.

Oh my gosh, the wedding planning book that my dad's girlfriend mailed me is so helpful! I highly recommend one! It shows me how and what to write on all the invitations, how much everything should cost, it has a calendar. I filled out the calendar and it really showed me that at Christmas time, it will only be 7 months until our wedding!

Last Saturday, when my Grandma was over, I found my cat in this compromising position while I was making brunch. I am always finding her in the oddest positions and it pains me when I don't have my camera ready to go or that I know I could reach my camera, but it would make her move. She is so adorable and I'm happy that she is our first pet.

Happy Friday :)

xo. Nicole

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