Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

This weekend has been a blast! Friday was my last day of classes, and then on Saturday, I found my wedding dress!! Analise, my MOH, and I met up in New Westminister on "bridal row" and decided to look for a wedding dress. We did not, in a million years, think we would find 'the one' on the first day of shopping! I tried on at least 30 dresses in about 4 different stores, but I found the one in The Bridal Gallery. The consultants were so so nice and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Their names are Carrie and Ariel, just so you know ;)

I'm not going to post my dress on here or any social networking sites, as I don't want to run the risk of Rob seeing it. I guess you guys will have to wait a whole year to see it ;)

While trying on my dress, I was given a veil to wear with it. They are so darn expensive that I'm thinking of just making my own. The one they let me try on with my dress was $119! Now that I have my dress, it's time to start looking for accessories! Woo! While browsing Pinterest, I've found so many nice things to wear with my dress.
Alas, Pinterest Sunday is a little late this week. With everything going on, I forgot about it haha. Today, Monday, I have work tonight, but before that I'm going to browse some blogs, make hashbrowns, and submit my resume to a bunch of places! This girl needs a job!

xo. Nicole


  1. That first necklace is absolutely gorgeous and so elegant! Hm, maybe it's about time I hopped on Pinterest...


  2. I don't like jewelry that much but I gotta say these are so perfect! I love that first necklace!

    1. I don't like jewelry that much, either. I'm thinking of just doing something nice with my hair instead of a necklace for the