Sunday, July 1, 2012

Indigo Find

I totally did not want to crawl out of bed today, but I did. Someone felt the same way as me. I woke up to Koshka beside me and so I went to pet her but she rolled over and put her paw on her face. I almost died of cuteness overload. (Is there such a thing?!)
Today I was about 45 minutes early for work and made the mistake of walking through Chapters, as Starbucks is attached to it. I found a super awesome deal on a mini herb garden! Rob mentioned that he doesn't want flowers and "useless" plants around the house, but he's okay with plants that we can use. Ever since that first flower pot, I've been hooked. I want a windowsill and a little porch garden.
Just realized that I got my reflection in there. Hey!

I just know the next few days are going to be torture. I'm like a child in the way that I can't wait for the seeds to germinate! I'll be checking on them every 5 minutes, but I have to control myself. Things don't grow when you watch them!
It's 12:26am on July 1st. Happy Canada Day for all you Canadians! I'm venturing down to Cloverdale with Rob and his client for some fun activities around noon (I think).

What sorts of activities do you have planned for Canada Day? 
Did/do you have an herb garden?

xo. Nicole

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