Sunday, July 22, 2012


Yesterday Rob and I hitched a ride with his Mom to Chilliwack and Hope for his Uncle's wedding. The ceremony was so nice (except for the abundance of mosquitoes) and then it was a pleasant drive up to Hope for the reception. We were 2 hours early for the reception, so we check in to our Motel. It had two queen size beds and it was really quite a comfortable environment. The owner was so funny and nice. We'll definitely go back there if we have to stay in Hope again :)

The ceremony took place at Minter Gardens in Chilliwack and the reception took place at the Hope Golf Course.

Their wedding party was very small and intimate. It consisted of the bride's sister as her Maid of Honor and the groom's best friend of 8 years as his Best Man. The wedding party also included the groom's niece and nephew as the flower girl and the ring bearer.
Rob was just sooo excited while we waited for dinner.
Amber's dress was gorgeous!
Their cake was beautiful! The delivery woman dropped it, though. You can't tell from this picture and it tasted just the same, but they're still getting a full refund.
The groom in the middle of the dance circle, haha :)

Overall, it was a really good wedding! It was also very intimate, as there were only 35 or so guests. We really enjoyed ourselves and are both currently eating our favors which were those coca cola jawbreaker balls. Amber and Aaron seem like a perfect match for each other. They married young as well, as they're both 21 I believe, but have done pretty good for themselves. I wish them all the best!

xo. Nicole


  1. This looks like a lovely wedding, intimate ate the cutest! Loving your blog love! Xx Elly