Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thing's I'm Lovin'

  •  It's gorgeous outside!
  •  I get to spend time with my mom today
  •  I receive my college diploma this evening
  •  I get to wear a brand new outfit that was purchased for under $50 (shoes included!)
  •  I have 4 more days off of work after today
  •  My kitchen is clean
  •  I got a job offer yesterday and I have a job interview tomorrow
  •  I woke up early and was productive (read a bunch of manuals for my new job)
  •  My nails are painted light pink (a color I'm thinking of for my wedding)
  •  And this post that I found on Kaelah's 'Things I Love Thursday' post.

What are you lovin' today? Link me to your posts!

xo. Nicole


  1. Things that I am grateful for...

  2. - I am marrying an awesome guy
    - I am marrying an amazingly handsome guy
    - I am marrying an intelligent guy
    - I am marrying an always entertaining person
    - I am marrying someone who is very lucky to be marring you.