Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baking with Chia Seeds

Yesterday was all about chick flicks when I got home. I watched Crazy Stupid Love and Love and Other Drugs. They were both pretty good, but the first one was way long, I almost shut it off. My cat had a bit too much fun with her toy mouse that has catnip in it and decided to pass out while I was watching one of the movies.

When I was told that I had a dairy and egg allergy (which sucked), I was having trouble finding egg substitutes for baking. I came across the idea of Chia seeds from Oh She Glows. I've made peanut butter cookies with them, and they tasted pretty good! I didn't use enough water the first time, and the cookies were pretty crumbly. This morning, I wanted to make muffins using the muffin mix that I bought a long time ago. We didn't have a muffin pan, so I couldn't make them. So we bought a muffin pan, but we didn't have eggs. Go figure.

What I did, was use 2 tbsp of chia seeds and ground them up in my Amazing Bullet. After they were ground finely, I added just enough water to make it paste-like. From there, I just mixed it in to the muffin mix like you would an egg. I bought mine at Save-On Foods, but you can also find them at any health food store. I've also read and heard that these can be healthier than flax seeds!

Rob's sister, Lauralynn, got married a couple years ago on a pretty low budget as well. She's going to be tons of help and is always offering advice and tips. She's told Rob to tell me to make a list of things that are super important and to budget them, then we can see if we can afford the little things we want, like a photo booth (home made, of course).

Have you used Chia seeds before?

xo. Nicole


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    1. ah! I just saw this comment! haha

      I just used plain ol' pre-made muffin mix from the grocery store and used Chia seeds instead of the eggs it required :)