Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Things

So our proposal story is coming soon! I've been working on it for a day or so, but it's not quite done! I've got so many appointments and things to do that I'm surprised I even have time to make this post. I do not want to slack on A Broke Bride though, so I'll do my best to keep posting during the next few busy weeks.

Guess what?! I got hired where I did my practicum! They emailed me last Tuesday with a job offer and all the handbooks that I need. I'm going to be working with a youth who has low functioning Autism! For that job, I need to get them a criminal record check, a Tuberculosis test, a physical, a class 4 driver's license, a driver's abstract, tax forms, and also I need to sign the job offer forms and hand it in to them. I printed out one of the handbooks and organized it very well :)
It's always better for me to have a handbook that I can leaf through, instead of scrolling through on my laptop. It's easier for me this way.

My interview that was supposed to be last Friday was rescheduled for yesterday. It was for a position as a part time residential care worker for adults with special needs! I was done my oral interview with two lovely ladies, and almost done my written and computer portions of the interview, when one of the ladies walked in and said "We would like to offer you the position!" I was thrilled! 2 jobs in my field of study only a month after graduation! For this job, they have everything they need from me. I just need to book a physical, give them my Tuberculosis results (which come on Friday) and e-mail them my driver's abstract. They also want me to get my class 4 driver's license, but that is going to take some time. On my way home from the interview (I was there for 2 hours!) my windshield wiper broke. I was on the highway when I heard a loud crack and my wiper was not where it was supposed to be!
Oh well!

I'm going to start juggling 3 jobs very soon, so I'm going to need one big calendar! I've been browsing Pinterest and some craft blogs for ideas, but I'm still not sure how to begin making an easy calendar that can be cleaned and reused every month. Do you know of any blogs that have made a reusable calendar?

While sitting at home and browsing Pinterest to help me relax, I came across a bunch of fitness pins. I'm tired of my excuses for not running and I'm tired of how little my self esteem has been lately. I had to buy a new outfit for my graduation ceremony because I was too big for the dress that I wore on New Year's Eve. I cried after I tried on all the dresses in my closet. Tomorrow, I am running no matter what. I have a Tuberculosis test at 11:30am, but that gives me plenty of time to run before then. I still need motivation.
How do you motivate yourself to get/stay in shape?

xo. Nicole

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