Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest Post - Megan

My friend from high school, Megan, recently started her own blog, Mind Wide Open. She is an aspiring writer and would love nothing more than to make a steady living off of writing and blogging. Megan is also engaged and recently moved in with her fiance! Many of her blog posts seem controversial and really get you thinking, but so far I've had the same opinions as Megan. Her blog is definitely worth a read and if you like it, then it's worth a follow!
I stare forward but see nothing

The world feels as though its closing in around me and Im completely alone 

My body tenses as fear washes over me, Im paralyzed
The future is so uncertain, I am afraid to take a step in any direction
Then suddenly, your hand reaches out and touches mine.
I'm brought back to reality
The fear is still there but its not nearly as crippling
My eyes come back into focus and stare into yours
In that moment nothing else matters but that connection.
I see my feelings reflected in your eyes, Its a feeling I cannot describe but it calms me
You bring me close to you and we sit in silence, comfortable.
Then again I stare forward but this time Im not alone. 
The future is still uncertain and scary but it is something we can tackle together. 
When we look forward together I see hope, promise
A smile creeps over my face as I realize Ive found love, a life partner
- Megan

That piece is exactly what I need to read when I'm feeling down about something. I already feel uplifted and a little energized even though I'm burnt to a crisp right now from being at White Rock all day! There's little things throughout the day that remind me of Rob and he was on my mind the entire time I was reading Megan's piece. I hope it gave you the same good feelings :)

xo. Nicole

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