Friday, July 20, 2012


Last night was my college graduation ceremony! It was so wonderful to see some of my classmates all dolled up and to have my mom, sister, and Rob there. I spent the afternoon with my mom while she curled my hair. I was borrowing her Jimmy so I decided it was best to wash it before giving it back to her. I also got to see my dogs :)

Nutmeg is the brown one and Ewok is the one going "If it ain't food, don't botha me?"

Rob showed up later than all of us, and for a good reason. He walked in with a bouquet of flowers and a graduation present for me! Guess what I got? A KINDLE!!
 He NEVER gets me flowers. First time and last time I got flowers was when he proposed! (Oh yeah, I should post about that story for you guys...)
Here it is in all it's glory!! Maybe now that I have easier access to books that I've wanted to read, I could do a weekly post like Liz's? Well, I don't usually read a book in a week but last week, I read 2! I'm not sure how I'll do it...

It was a great day :) Today, my interview has been rescheduled for Monday so I'm just waiting for my great Aunt to come over and then tomorrow is Rob's relative's wedding!

ps. I promise I will have the proposal story up here soon!

xo. Nicole


  1. Congrats Nicole, you look beautiful

  2. My dogs have the same, "If you don't have treats, don't bother me" face. Congrats on graduation and good luck with your interview!

    1. Haha dogs are so funny.

      Thanks! I hope I get it :)