Friday, July 13, 2012

Seattle 2012

Yesterday was one of the best days that Rob and I have had in a long time. We ventured out to Seattle for my 21st birthday. I was way too exhausted last night to blog about it, but that only means we had a lot of fun :) This is going to be a major photo dump, and I'm not very good at taking pictures. This is a place for me to document my day, so I'm just putting all the photos on here :P

First off, we left the house at 9:00am and arrived at the border a bit later. We got held up at the border because Rob lost his passport when we were in Red Deer, and has since had it cancelled. I guess there was some sort of red flag on Rob's name, as his passport was cancelled. They searched our car and we had to stand in line. They asked us a few questions at the counter, found out it was my birthday, then the guard was like "Okay, we're gonna let you go this time, but get your passport in order." I was just so thankful we weren't strip searched. That would have been an unwelcome birthday gift.

From there, we were on our way for the 2 hours drive! We stopped at Bellis Fair mall and had McDonald's as we were hungry. It is so much greasier there and just not the same.

 We saw a ton of military vehicles on the way there!


 Seattle buses!

 Seattle Streetcar!

 Lol, where we parked.

 Blue trees with random statues of people who were either silver or copper.

 Last view of the space needle, through our sun roof on the way home.
We checked out the Seattle Premium Outlets as well and we found some shoes. It was so unbelievably hot down there and we were sweating so much. I thought I looked good when we left, but the heat ruined that. 
We had planned on doing the Underground Tour, but we decided not to as we were enjoying just walking around. We browsed Pike Place Market, the pier and downtown. We had dinner at Pike Place Bar & Grill and they were so nice there. It was kinda warm, but when we went back outside after dinner, it had cooled down considerably. While browsing downtown near the end of the night, we went in to Betsey Johnson (as she's claiming bankruptcy and I thought she would have good sales.) I found a dress I really liked, but even after 70% off, it was too much :( After that, we went in to Urban Outfitters (aka. Hipster central) and I found a nice dress that I'm wearing right now. 

While we were at Urban Outfitters, Rob found a vinyl record of our first dance song. He gave me the awesome idea of framing it after our wedding! After shopping, we started our trek home and stopped at Sonic. We had milkshakes that were sooo good!

This is mostly a post of pictures, as I'm struggling with cramps right now (blah) and am really very tired. I will update this post as I remember things :)

Have a good Friday :)

xo. Nicole

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