Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinterest Monday?

Apparently I have an issue of keeping Pinterest Sunday on time! Yesterday Rob, his clients, and I ventured down to the Cloverdale fairgrounds and browsed the free concerts and the booths. It was pretty muggy out and then it got really cold, and then the sun came out! It turned out to be a nice day for Canada Day!
It was pretty muddy and we couldn't get the wheelchairs through very well. It got so frustrating when people would just stand on the sidewalk or cut off our friends in the wheelchairs. How rude can people be?

Anywho, on to my Pinterest finds! I've been thinking about my bridesmaids a lot and wondering what they'll wear! I am torn between the colors and length of the dresses. We're outside at a campground, but my MOH, Analise, tried on a long one and it was just gorgeous! Decisions, decisions, decisions! I know I definitely want every bridesmaid in a different style of dress, as they all have different body types. I'm also torn between which pastel colors I want them to wear. All different, all the same, all different except for Analise? 
[Source Unkown]

Do you see what I mean by decisions now? So hard! I'm looking forward to seeing all of my lovely friends in their gorgeous dresses! 
Rob has also started making the playlist, as we're not going to spring for a DJ. It's a lot cheaper to just rent some speakers and a microphone or two, and just have one of our friends run the iPod. In the invites, or on our upcoming wedding website, we're planning on putting a line for a song request. Makes it easier on us and  let's people get excited when their requested song comes up.

My dad texted me last night saying that him and his girlfriend are coming to British Columbia from Alberta from September 15-23rd! I'm so excited!

What did your bridesmaids wear?

xo. Nicole

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  1. I am not engaged... but I do love the taupe bridesmaids color :) Super gorg!

    Your blog is cute! I am your newest follower.
    Check mine out, we should button swap.

    Thanks, c

    1. Who needs to be engaged to plan a wedding nowadays with Pinterest? Haha ;)

      Thanks :) I'm definitely interested in the button swap!

      xo. Nicole