Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Couple Pictures

Well, Pinterest Sunday just didn't happen this week, haha. I've been pretty busy with work and such that I haven't had much time. Good news is that today I started my volunteering with KidStart and I took a young girl out swimming, then we browsed a craft store. We both enjoy the same things so this is going to work out nicely! On Monday, we're going to go down to White Rock to enjoy the wonderful weather that we've been having.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday! Rob and I are out the door by 9:00am tomorrow to visit Seattle for the day! My goal is have a TON of pictures to share with you guys, and to keep for myself ;) Friday night, I've got dinner with Rob's parents, and then I have all day Saturday off to enjoy being 21. Last night, Rob's mom took me to see Magic Mike. How did I wait so long to see it?! I can't even begin to describe how amazing Channing Tatum was when he, stripped. The plot line wasn't too good, but the amazingness of the guys made up for it.

Here are a few pictures of my week before I'm off to work for 4 hours.
 She's so weird.
 The only one of the three herbs that have grown! Arugula (Roquette).
She knew I was down, so she decided to bombard my face with cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles.
This is a horrid angle of myself, but I made a Starbucks Refresher. It took me 4 hours yesterday morning! Starbucks came out with a new drink that uses green coffee extract, so you get all the caffeine from coffee but without the taste. It's also just juice, water, ice, and either a lime wedge or 5 blackberries. Friday the 13th, from noon to 3:00pm, if you go in to Starbucks, you get a free Tall Refresher of your choice. One per customer :)

Off to work to make moneeeeeyyy.

Oh and I have a job interview next Friday for a job in my field! I'm so excited!

xo. Nicole

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