Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aimee's Photography

My younger sister is an aspiring photographer and I've decided to make a post entirely of her photography so far! I've used some of her photos before and she's just getting better and better. She's always looking for more experience and is willing to do anything! Leave a comment on this post or tweet me if you want to get to know her more. Thanks :)

I hope all of you Americans had a good fourth of July! My Instagram feed is blowing up with pictures of fireworks (pun intended).

If anyone has a photography blog, link me up! If you would like your blog or photography featured on A Broke Bride, contact me: :)

xo. Nicole


  1. Wow! Your sister's photography is really good. My favorite is the Starbucks cup :)

    Much love! From Horses of Ares.

    1. I think it is too ;)
      The Starbucks cup is definitely a good photo, but my favourite is the first one!