Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seattle 2012 pt. 2

While Rob and I were in Seattle, we checked out the first Starbucks! Ever since I was hired by Starbucks in September 2010, I have wanted to check out the Pike Place one. It was pretty much how I pictured it. They tossed the cups like I had been told and made the best frappuccino that I've had in a long time.
 The line up was out the door ALL day! I was talking to the barista taking my order and she said this wasn't a busy day. I'm pretty sure I would develop a twitch if I worked there. It was sooooo packed!
 The original siren!
 They sold tumblers that you could only get at THIS starbucks.
 In Canada, we don't have the Indivisible blend. I decided against picking some up as it was a little expensive for me. I did pick up some Refresher VIA's! We don't have those in Canada either.
 I wanted one of everything but my wallet didn't.
This was such a wonderful experience! While taking our order, the barista asked us what brought us to Seattle and we said it was my birthday. She wished me a happy birthday and wrote "HAPPY BDAY" on my cup. When the barista making the drink read my cup, she was like "Oh hey is this you?" and I was all "yeah, that's me" and then she yelled out "HEY EVERYONE! IT'S NICOLE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!" and literally ALL of the baristas and ALL of the customers yelled happy birthday back to me. My face went so red and Rob was killing himself laughing. She asked how old I was turning and I told her 21, and she yelled that out. One gentleman was like "Give her a shot of espresso!" haha. On our way out of the store, people were wishing me a happy birthday. I love Seattle!

Have you been to Seattle? What was your best experience there?

xo. Nicole


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  2. I would have bought you one of everything if you fact I remember asking if you wanted anything.