Monday, October 6, 2014

Week's End || October 6

1|| Frost. Hate. It got pretty chilly last week, and the frost made it's debut. Better than the 2 days of snow that we had mid-September, though!
2|| Gunner on Monday morning. He doesn't like getting out of bed, and I've been weighed down a couple mornings because he doesn't want me to get up either. The sun also isn't rising until 7:30am, instead of like 2 weeks ago when it rose at 6:40am-ish.
3|| Gunner, again. I just can't get enough of that face. This is his "oh you're home from work now can you throw my toy here it is you can do it ohmygoshshethrewit!" face.
4|| Not much to explain here...Koshka's been throwing herself to the ground and laying belly up lately. Weirdo.

1|| I introduced Koshka to you. There were many cute photos!
2|| I linked up with a new favourite blogger, and this month's theme was Fall Favourites.
3|| Here's what I was currently smelling, planning, celebrating, etc..

1|| This is my current desktop wallpaper. Love it!
2|| Some fun bits and pieces that Kiki shared. My favourite is the blondie recipe. Mmmm...
3|| My favourite series of posts from any blog, and Shelby nailed it.
4|| Did you answer those questions on self love?
5|| Sam shares some intriguing information and tips,

I hope that you had an awesome week! This upcoming week is going to be so crazy at work. We have a dance residency, read-in week, and a PD Day. Oi vey. But then it's a long weekend, and my husband's birthday! I've got something fun planned and I'll be sure to share with you next week.

As always, I'm linking up with Beth from Oak & Oats.

xo. Nicole

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