Friday, October 3, 2014


smelling || My coffee, just like every morning. As much as I'd like to just sleep until the absolute last minute, I need that hour of drinking my coffee and reading blogs, answering e-mails, browsing Pinterest. It gets me going for the day, and wakes me up a bit more than coffee right as I walk out the door.

loving || Typical response right now, but everything Fall. I have a giant bowl of apples that reaaally need to be used up, and they're just past the point where they're too mushy to eat. My friend mentioned caramel apple pie jam! I am drooling for the recipe. 

planning || My evening and weekend, along with preparing for my husband's birthday (which is next weekend). Tonight I have an appointment, then I need to stop by the mall quickly, and then maybe some grocery shopping to get it over with. I'm babysitting rob's nephews and niece tomorrow, then having the coolant flushed out of my car. I'm also planning my partner's package for the Etsy Swap 2014. I'm waiting on 2 more items to arrive, then shipping it off next week!

baking || I've had some applesauce spice muffins recipe bookmarked for a while, but haven't gotten around to making them. Perhaps this weekend, as an extra treat in our lunches next week.

celebrating || Friday! I'm desperate to sleep in, and Sunday I can. Today is also the Terry Fox Walk at the school I work at. It's also been a great, but busy, week. It went quickly, though the days felt long this time around. 

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xo. Nicole

** Picture courtesy of Treasured Forever Photography.


  1. Ooh apple sauce spice muffins sound delicious! :)

  2. I keep using the thought of what they'll taste like with hot chocolate or apple cider, to motivate me to finally bake them!

  3. caramel apple pie JAM?! Yes, please! That sounds amazing!

  4. I know, right? I ended up just making apple butter, but next time I'm definitely going for the jam!