Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Abiageal || 7 Months

I swear that she just gets cuter and cuter every time I post one of these updates! Also, why can't I back date these so that it seems like I have my life together and posting these updates on time. Going strong on the 2 week late update ;)

As of September 21st (6 month vaccinations!),
Weight: 18.4 lbs (75 percentile)
Height: 65 cm (35 percentile) 
  • We took our first vacation to Glasgow, Scotland and she was actually a pretty good little traveler! She slept for most of the 3 plane rides there, but it was a little more rough on the 3 plane rides home. 
  • Abby is full on crawling now! She's slow, but she does know how to disappear quickly when I turn away for a minute.
  • On that note, separation anxiety has kicked in. She wants Rob, but usually screams and cries when I leave the room. She's hard at making decisions, just like me, haha.
  • The same day that she started crawling, she started pulling herself up to stand on things. After a full 4 weeks of toppling over like a downed tree, she's finally getting the hang of slowly dropping to her bum to get herself down.
  • Her screaming stopped, but it's back!
  • We both got a head cold for the first time (for me since I was 15 weeks pregnant!) but we survived!
  • She had a fun sleepover at my Aunty Kim's and apparently didn't sleep very well, but that's typical lately.
  • From 10 hour nights to the occasional 6 hour stretch before waking up for a bottle and diaper change, but she'll generally go back down pretty easily. 
  • She's finally started to hold her own bottle! The Dr Browns bottles are a little harder for her to hold, but the Avent ones are easier.
  • Abby tends to not like purees and prefers little pieces of food. Yesterday and today, she enjoyed a chicken and strained vegetable puree though, so who knows! 
It was so nice going on our first family vacation and things went better than I was anticipating. I worried about money and about being in a different country all together with what's been going in the world. We're home, we're safe, and we had a great time. Next on my bucket  list is the wizarding world of Harry Potter but Rob disagrees, haha. 

As always, Abby's monthly photo is courtesy of Treasured Forever Photography!

xo. Nicole

Monday, September 11, 2017

Abiageal || 6 Months (!!!)

Half a year already?! I'm not crying, you're crying. While I type this, she's going on a 2 hour nap beside me on the couch. Teething is hard business! I survived a 10 day trip to British Columbia to see friends and family. We drove there and back. I am so thankful that Analise drove with us on the way there, it helped ease my mind having her in the back seat while I drove and Abby cried, haha. The way home was a little smoother, despite it being an 11 hour drive in one day. 

Weight: 17.2 pounds
Height: 65 cm
  • She is such a people person right now. All smiles for everyone! She's started playing coy by looking away and then smiling when someone interacts with her, it's so cute.
  • We transitioned to her crib and it went so well, and still is despite a 10 day trip where she slept in her playpen. Naps in her crib and playpen are not happening as smoothly, but she'll nap if someone is holding her.
  • The same night she slept in her crib, she cut her first tooth! 5 days later, she cut her second. So now she has both her bottom front teeth.
  • She had her second sleepover with Grandma Danyliw while mom and dad had a date night and a sleep in.
  • Only the occasional 9/10 hour sleep. She's back to waking up 1-3 times a night. Those darn teeth!
  • While on our trip, she started babbling. More consonant sounds and it's so cute when she's chatting to my hand or her toys, haha.
  • She also pushed herself from her belly to sitting on her bum, and sits so sturdy now.
  • Time for me to baby proof because she's found out how to take things from under our coffee table and she's pretty much crawling. Not quite, but she gets herself to that darn coffee table.
  • Officially in 6-12 month clothes! I still try to squeeze her in some of the cute 3-6 month clothes, haha ;)
  • She laughs at the dogs all the time. Gunner sat beside her and let her play with his paws, he didn't even flinch.
  • Abiageal is not a fan of green beans, butternut squash, or avocado so far. She's okay with rice cereal, rice cereal with carrot and pumpkin, carrots, and tomato. I haven't found anything she really likes, but I haven't introduced her to any really sweet stuff yet! 
  • Not a fan of water. She aggressively bites the nipple of the bottle if I give her water. Might be best to find the right sippy cup for her to drink water from, rather than a bottle.
  • She's found her voice. My god, has she found her voice. She screams pretty much all the time. Sometimes it's happy screams, sometimes it's mad screams, haha.
We're excited for Fall and being able to go for walks in the afternoon now, rather than early morning or late evening. Next month, we fly to Scotland and I'm pretty nervous for the flights with Abby, but I'm trying to put positive thoughts out there.
xo. Nicole

Monday, August 14, 2017

Favourite Baby Products + A Giveaway!

I don't know how it was done back in the day when all these cool baby products weren't around. A few have been lifesavers and others have just been really helpful. Navigating being a mom isn't easy, and it really takes a village, but when that village isn't available it can get overwhelming. I wanted to share just a few of my favourite products that have helped me along the way!

Bath time is definitely one of Abby's favourite activities, second to her Jolly Jumper. I came across Live Clean's baby body wash/shampoo and fell in love with it! It's infused with lavendar, jasmine, and vanilla. Abby smells SO good after her bath, and with the scents, she's already rubbing her eyes when I'm just drying her off. Baths are part of our bed time routine and I want to say that the body wash/shampoo has really helped with getting her to sleep.
After bath, I use Aveeno's baby eczema care lotion. Their regular baby lotion wasn't cutting it, and the eczema care is a lot more moisturizing. No more rough patches on Abby's skin! It's also been helping my hands, which have just gone downhill since about 2 weeks post partum. Steroid creams don't seem to be helping, but switching wipes and using this lotion has.

We had a few episodes of big belly bubbles that left me in a panic while Abby screamed, and I had no idea how to help her. Gripe water didn't do anything, except they do help her hiccups now. My sister in law mentioned that Ovol helped her a lot with her kids, so I gave it a shot and it really does help. Abby's getting better at burping on her own, but it definitely helped when I couldn't get all the bubbles out.

The green necklace in the photo is a teething necklace that's meant to be worn by me. It was gifted to us by Abby's Auntie Krystal! If I was nursing, it could be used as something for her to have in her hands while she ate, or it can just be used as a teether. I haven't really worn it but I attach it to her exersaucer so she has something to chew on. She popped her first tooth 2 nights ago so she's been going hard on this thing all week! I keep an eye on her with it and don't leave her unsupervised, even though I'm sure those beads are reinforced in there, I'd rather be safe than sorry. The oreo teether is from MilkBrain Baby!

A big thing that we both love are our MilkBrain Baby bandana bibs! They're so cute, stylish, and functional. The bibs are double layered and have two snap sizes so Abby can wear them for a while. Drooling has been nonstop since she was 2 months old, and now at 5 months that tooth finally popped out! They're also SO handy when she's in her exersaucer or Jolly Jumper because it catches her puke and drool. The dogs clean up whatever it doesn't catch ;)

and now for the exciting part! Sarah from MilkBrain Baby is giving away two bandana bibs to one of you! Below is the entry form. Contest goes from today to the 21st, and the winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday the 22nd. Good luck :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
xo. Nicole

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Abiageal's Newborn Photos

You know you love how my blog has become all about Abiageal ;) Really, it won't be every post. I'm just pumping out all this fun stuff while I've figured out how to make time to blog, before Abby changes her routine again and I'm left with no time. Babies, man.
Anyways, Abby's auntie did her newborn photos! I believe when she was 5 days old? I totally started crying when we were posing in the picture with all 3 of us, staring at Abby, Rob holding me. I looked at Abby and thought, "it's finally my turn. We get to pose for newborn photos!" and that was the breaking point. Woo, hormones!
xo. Nicole

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Abiageal || 5 Months

Here we are at 5 months already! And it's posted on her actual monthiversary ;) I was supposed to be doing a complete weeding job of our backyard today with my friend, but everyone who would be watching Abby for the day, are off I'll be jetting off with them this morning for the night. I was convinced to go, even with Rob out of town for work. Oh boy. But, it'll be better because I actually stay up for an hour or two after she's gone to sleep for the night now. I can socialize, unlike June's camping trip when I would pass out as soon as she did. Not fun, but worth it.

Weight: I dunno, 16ish pounds?
Height: Probably about 64 centimeters now?
  • She's still infatuated with the exersaucer at Auntie and Uncle's. She even gave me a staredown and nasty look when I carried it out of their house on Friday to put in our vehicle. Taking it camping because I enjoy being able to relax.
  • She's figuring out that she has other toys. She's not so focused on the giraffe and lion anymore. A lot of exploring!
  • We haven't had any 10/11 hour nights this past month, probably courtesy of teething, feeling like junk from vaccines (spiked a fever twice the next day!), and growth spurts. Who knows what else! She's doing pretty good with going to sleep for the night between 8-10, and waking up between 5/7am. There were a couple nights that she was up around 11pm and 3am.
  • We've learned to scream at mom, happy or mad. It's really high pitch, too.
  • Abiageal went on her hands and knees for the first time! She started rocking a liiiittle bit, and then she'd plop herself down. It ended up making her go backwards, but she wasn't crawling. Friday morning, she didn't move her hands but she slowly moved one knee after the other and went forward!!!
  • The week after she started going on her hands and knees, she could also sit by herself! She's quite wobbly most of the time, but sometimes she's just sitting no problem. So exciting!
  • Abby met my mom, her Grandma, and we survived a good overnight trip to Red Deer and back.
  • She likes to not nap most days, a few 5 minute/20 minute naps throughout the day and be cranky. So that's been fun.
  • We went to her first splash park! We stayed about 2 hours and people watched. She loved laying in the shade, watching the leaves, water, and kids running around. I also got some adult conversation, so it was really nice!
  • She recognizes her auntie, uncle, cousins, and grandma Danyliw!
I'm gearing myself up for driving to BC with Abiageal at the end of the month. I'm so thankful, and really excited, that Analise will be flying up to drive down with us. We're making it a 2 day drive, so it should go relatively okay. I'm nervous, but we'll make it work.

Photo c/o Abby's Auntie, Treasured Forever Photography!

xo. Nicole

Friday, August 4, 2017

March Sixth, Two Thousand Seventeen

Personally, I love reading birth stories. I loved reading them before pregnancy, during, and even now after experiencing my daughter's. While trying to conceive, they got me pumped (despite some scary ones) for my turn one day, and during pregnancy, they made me ugly cry. Seriously. So, I want to share Abby's birth story with you today. Partly because you like them (you ARE reading this post...), and for me to share with Abby one day. It's been almost 5 months (!!!) since this, and I really can't remember every detail now. I may be updating/editing this post as little things pop back in to my head!
40 Weeks: No baby. Just nausea, fatigue, and being impatient. I had a midwife appointment, they were weekly at this point. The weather was pretty decent, for it being February in Alberta. I go to my midwife appointment to have my first cervical check and membrane sweep. They were offered to me before, but I refused until today. I was 1cm dilated, and 50% effaced!! It was actually really exciting for me! I was told I could exercise, as it could help because I was actually dilated, and to try a few things. It took some time, but I finally tried the castor oil (yuck) because my midwife said they found it to have about a 70% effectiveness with their patients. I drank red raspberry leaf tea, took evening primrose oil, and dank castor oil twice. Trying to keep my thoughts positive, but I thought all the things to induce labour were bologna and silly.
40 Weeks/4 Days: I started losing my mucus plug! Although nothing happened as a result of the membrane sweep (if nothing happens within 48 hours, it "failed"), losing my mucus plug got me super excited! I immediately messaged Rob's sister, Lauralynn. She was, and still is, my go-to person for all this.
41 Weeks: Another midwife appointment. After all those silly Old Wives Tales to try and induce labour, I was still only 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I remember feeling just so disappointed and knew what was coming. I was given the rundown on induction methods, and was told 41+3 is when they typically like to let pregnant women go, for safety reasons. If I chose to wait baby out, and not be induced, I would have to start continuous fetal monitoring. That meant going to and from the hospital every day until this kid popped out. It wasn't realistic for us, as we only had one vehicle and I was ready to just meet Abiageal. My midwife agreed to let things go how they were going, but if I wasn't in labour by Saturday evening, I would come in the Sunday morning for the foley balloon catheter. Cue driving home in tears. Also, crying randomly over the next 3 days and being a big ol' pregnant biiaaatch to anyone who gave me tips on how to induce labour on my own, and other such comments as "you look nice." Screw that noise.

41 Weeks/3 Days: Okay, now the story gets a bit juicy (ha). You ready? We (Rob and I) arrived at the midwife center for the balloon catheter around 10:30am. Nervous as helk, I laid on that table ready to start this party. I was still 1cm and 50% effaced. No change. Uggghhhh. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, but I had the general rundown that it would get me to about 4-5cm dilated by "tugging" when I walked, and the hope would be that it just kickstarts my body to do what it needs to do. It took them about 45 minutes to finally get it in properly, while Rob giggled to himself as he texted his sister. Lauralynn was asking how it was all going so Rob decided to have fun with it. "I'm watching two women go elbow deep in my wife" + "This is the closest I'll get to a threesome". Isn't he a treat?
It was such a weird feeling to have it in. It wasn't too painful to get, it just got really uncomfortable because a 5 minute procedure turned into a 45 minute one. They couldn't see my cervix or something. Bring on the flashlight! I'm not kidding. It wasn't nice to sit, and to pee was another story. We went to Lauralynn's to keep myself busy, and she was also our birth photographer! The contractions started around noon but weren't too bad. Pretty manageable, I mean, I could walk and talk and breathe and cuss out Rob, sooooo. I had a couple contractions that were not nice at all, had me full on sweating, and wondering what the hell I got myself into, and wondering if I really wanted a med-free birth. A couple hours went by and while walking is what makes the catheter do it's thang, Lauralynn offered to walk the trails from her house to mine. I remember there being snow on the ground, but it was decent weather, and I had to pause or slow down a few times while she tracked the contractions on an app.

I got home and circled the damn living room and kitchen I don't even know how many times. Peeing was so uncomfortable because I had to move the tubes out of the way (they typically are in somewhere, but in this case, they were just hanging out and taped to my leg), and going from a standing to sitting position also tugged, resulting in dilation. In between contractions, I was able to lay on the couch. I was SO tired! Netflix was on, I had a comfy blanket, my pillow, and Rob and Lauralynn. Contractions came and went for a while, even while laying down. I was equally forced and encouraged to get up and move around so that the catheter could do what it was supposed to do. I think we ate McDonald's at one point? I think Rob's parents, Len and Cheryl, came by at one point too? Maybe they brought the food...

The contractions stopped around 9pm. I called my midwife who said maybe I just reached 4-5cm and my body was resting. She encouraged me to take a tylenol and a gravol, and to get some rest because tomorrow would "be the day." I did just that and had the best sleep I had had the entire pregnancy - highly recommended.
40 Weeks/4 Days: Off to the midwife we go at 10:30am to have the balloon catheter taken out! That was quick and painless, until they took the tape off my inner thigh. Hooollllyyy, that was definitely the worst part of that induction method. They said I was 4cm dilated and more effaced - exciting! But I had had no contractions since they stopped the night before. Basically, it didn't kick my body into labour mode, it just got me to 4cm. My original plan was to give birth at the Sturgeon hospital but they were full so we were sent to immediately drive from the midwife center to the Misericordia hospital. It was a surprisingly calm drive and I was relatively calm when checking myself in "for induction" while Rob tried to find a parking spot. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was going how I wanted it to. I still don't know how I wasn't just in a puddle of my own tears walking into the hospital. They sent me up to the third floor where I checked in again and was brought to my room. We got a pretty good corner room with lots of daylight and big windows!
After getting changed and laying in the bed, the nurse came in to take my information. She explained how the synthetic oxytocin worked and said I could eat now as I wouldn't be allowed once they hooked me up. Rob brought me some apple and orange juice, and a sandwich, which was actually pretty good for it being hospital food. When we finished, they got the IV going. No one told me it would be a giant friggin' needle going in to my hand, unlike the previous IVs from my two hospital visits at 12 and 15 weeks pregnant. They told me it's just in case I needed to receive blood.
Oxytocin was started at 11:30am and would be increased every half an hour until I reached the maximum amount. I remember seeing my midwives for cervical checks and support, Rob and Lauralynn joking and hanging around, Cheryl coming in for a bit, and the nurses coming in every half hour. They would adjust the fetal monitor if necessary and would up the oxytocin dosage. The day actually went really fast for just laying around and only getting a couple walks in. I wanted to avoid being strapped to a bed, because I know that one intervention usually leads to many interventions, which would result in a c-section. It was difficult because they were wanting to continuously monitor Abiageal because I was induced. I put my trust into my midwives and nurses because I really didn't know what else to do. I remember standing and just rocking so it wasn't just laying in the bed, joking that I don't feel anything and could totally play a game of cards at that moment. That all changed around 5pm (I think).

Midwives came in and broke my water at that time. Oh boy, things went from 0 to 100 real quick! It was honestly the worst pain. My body didn't get the chance to slowly build up to it, so a mix of maximum oxytocin and my water breaking just was like, BAM. I laboured through about 5 or 6 contractions before asking for the epidural. Lauralynn reminded me of the laughing gas stuff, but I declined and said to go straight for the epidural. She knew I wanted to avoid it, but I was at the point where I couldn't even talk or do anything. Rob joked that I sounded like a rhinoceros. The nurses gave him the side eye, but I'm pretty sure I let out a little laugh. I'm really surprised at how nice I actually was to everyone around me, haha. I knew going in, that men tend to feel helpless, so I kept my cool and wouldn't get upset or annoyed if Rob tried rubbing my shoulder or trying to help me because it was just really nice having him there to hold my hand. Also, holding the puke basin for me, haha! The apple juice didn't sit very well once the contractions hit.
The anesthesiologist arrived sooo quickly, I was super surprised and relieved all at once. The pain was really nothing to get it in, a quick sting, but it was hard to stay still when the contractions started while I was sitting. The nurse who held me was so amazing, I wanted to thank her before we left the hospital but we couldn't remember her name. She held me and whispered that I was doing amazing and I'd have a baby girl soon, that I got this, and all sorts of stuff that really, really helped. After the epidural, it was amazing. To go from that level of pain to being almost numb, was the best thing ever. Midwives did a check and I was 5cm. Uhm, what? After all that, I only dilated a CENTIMETER?! Given, it had really only been a short amount of time. In the back of my mind, I knew a c-section was coming. I didn't acknowledge it though, and continued on. They put the catheter in and let me rest.
Midwives came back a little while later for another check, I was still only 5cm. Dang. Long story short, they brought out this peanut exercise ball to get me in what felt like a million different positions that are supposed to help with dilation. While doing that, they had trouble monitoring Abiageal, but they were doing okay monitoring my contractions. Some of them peaked 3 times before they'd dissipate! Thank god for modern medicine. We knew Abiageal was head down, but she was sunny side up (face facing my belly, when they should be facing the spine), so it made it difficult to find her heartbeat. Eventually, they had me in a position where I was on my hands and knees with the peanut ball under my chest for support. I was starting to panic a bit because the epidural was wearing off, due to gravity. I said I wanted to just lay on my back because I was started to feel the contractions again. So, we moved me. They did another check after like, an hour or two of moving positions...still 5cm but I was 100% effaced and they could feel her head.
While watching the monitor, they realized that Abiageal was trying to push her head THROUGH 5 CENTIMETERS and was in distress. Well yeah, ow. My midwives said they were going to discuss with the OBGYN on shift and would get back to me, but it was looking like a c-section. I think they were trying to keep me calm and stuff, because the OBGYN came in right away and said they were taking me in less than 20 minutes, as soon as possible, for the c-section and needed my consent. As soon as they said it, I bawled. Hard. I don't think I've ever ugly cried like that before! A c-section was the last thing I wanted because I was so scared of it and the recovery. They gave Rob and I a couple minutes alone while I'm pretty sure the whole hospital wing could hear me crying, haha. They came back in and I vaguely remember them wheeling me down the corridor to the OR.
I don't remember what happened, but I'm pretty sure Rob wasn't allowed in until they were about to take Abiageal out. He wasn't allowed in the OR when they prepped or opened me up. Lauralynn was allowed in when Abby was out, too. Oh man, I was shaking SOO much and couldn't stop ugly crying while they did it all. The dude by my head had to hold my arm down for an accurate blood pressure reading and I'm about 90% sure they gave me Ativan at some point. I just couldn't calm down.

At 10:01pm, Abiageal was born!
I remember hearing her cry and then one of the nurses saying "he's beautiful!" I'd be happy with either or, but I was like "she's supposed to be a girl!" and they corrected themselves, haha. We got some quick skin-to-skin time before I needed them to take her because I was shaking and really, really nauseas. I had people and Rob around, but I didn't feel okay enough to hold Abby. While they were trying to stitch me up, I was puking and puking. They gave me anti-nausea meds through my IV and it calmed down eventually. Turns out that I lost almost a whole litre of blood during that. While Rob was holding Abby, and they stitched me up, Lauralynn came by my head and held my hand to keep me calm.
Suddenly, we were in the recovery room. I remember seeing Rob holding Abby, walking around the room, and sitting in the chair at the foot of my bed. They gave me water and I remember being just so out of it. I didn't want to keep my eyes open or lift my arms to get the water into my mouth. It turns out that Abiageal and I both had fevers. Her's was a mild one, but it went away with more skin-to-skin with me. I had the nurse and Rob stay right beside me during that because I was too nervous to hold her, and too weak. Mine was 100 degrees, I think. It eventually went away, but I remember wanting to just go to sleep.
Looking back at these photos helped a lot and I'm so thankful for them. Even though most of it was blurry, I can look at these photos and show Abiageal one day! The c-section recovery really wasn't as scary or painful as I thought, and was told, it could be. It took 8 weeks for my incision to fully close, but it's closed!
I can't believe this turkey is going to be 5 months old on Sunday! They change so much and she already looks so different. It goes way too fast!

While nothing in my "birth idea" went how I wanted it, like, literally nothing, we still ended up with a healthy baby girl. Honestly, it took me a while to be okay with how everything went. I still get a lump in the back of my throat when I mention it took an emergency c-section and that I couldn't experience a vaginal birth. I may attempt a VBAC if we decide to have another child but it's recommended to wait 24 months from birth to birth for that. I've come to terms with having another c-section, now that I know what to expect, but I'm 100% not ready to be pregnant or go through it again for a while.

Holy, wow, you read through all of that. Kudos to you! I pretty much rambled and made no sense for parts of it, but you pushed through ;) even if just for the cute photos.

All photos in this post are courtesy of Abiageal's Auntie, Lauralynn of Treasured Forever Photography!
xo. Nicole

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Abiageal || 4 Months

As always, Abby's monthly photo update is c/o her Auntie
Here we are at 4 months already (well, closer to 5 buuuuuut the photo was taken on her actual 4 month mark/day)! I'm probably going to say it every update, but it's seriously going too fast. 

As of July 6/17,
Weight: 15.2 lbs
Height: 63 cm
Head Circ.: 42 cm
  • She is still such a powerhouse in her legs and loves to be standing. 
  • She is such a happy baby in the mornings, full of smiles!
  • One night, she slept 10 hours and suddenly couldn't fit in any of her 0-3 month footed pjs and most of her onesies. We've boxed 'em up and passed them over to my younger sister, who's expecting a baby girl at the end of November!!
  • After that sleep, she could also just grab a friggin' toy and bring it to her mouth pretty smoothly, compared to the day before.
  • Abby found her feet! We're about 99% sure that she's a lefty, and the idea has been further reinforced by the fact that she would grab her left foot with her left hand before she tried her right side.
  • She can roll both ways! And kind of scoot on the floor. I've found her outside her play mat after I've gone to the washroom.
  • She goes back and forth between which toys she enjoys. It's still a toss up between her yellow giraffe or her crinkly lion.
  • I think her most favourite thing is the exersaucer at auntie and uncle's house. 
  • Her eyes are still blue but her hair has a red tint to it in the sunshine!
My younger sister and her husband got to meet Abby, and it was super fun! Abby and my mom meet this coming Friday for the first time and I am TOO excited! Abby and I also make it through 14 days at a time without Rob home, but he's home for 7 days. We push through, do face time, visit friends and family, and just do things to keep ourselves busy.

Well, I'll have Abby's 5 month update ready to go in 2 weeks. She's changed so much since this 4 month update!

xo. Nicole

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Abiageal || 3 Months


Another month, another update! It's crazy how she changes and grows in such a short time span. She's graduated to a vertical picture, rather than horizontal, as Auntie Lauralynn couldn't quite get all of her in the shot ;)

Not sure of her weight and length, as we don't have a doctor appointment until beginning of July for her 4 month check up, and I haven't stepped on the scale in a while.

Favourite things:
  • She still loves her baths! We have them every other evening, and now she scrunches her eyes closed + smiles when I wash her neck. So cute! 
  • Even more of a powerhouse now when she stands, and she'll stand for minutes at a time. 
  • Abby found her legs! She kicks them with her eyes wide and staring at them, while blowing bubbles.
  • She giggled for the first time! It was when I was playing and pretended to drop her. She friggin' loved it. I had her going again today, along with some happy screaming, by making funny sounds.
  • She woke up one morning and was suddenly grasping at toys and bringing them to her mouth, especially her giraffe. It's a teething toy, too. Exciting!
  • She occasionally sleeps right through 10 hours at night. We've had a couple hiccups of a 2:30am and 3:30am wake up call, but she's only 3 months - still relatively unpredictable. We're getting there!
  • Grandma and Grandpa Danyliw were here for a week and Abby was all smiles when she'd see them.
  • We're slowly out growing the 0-3 month clothes. Quite a few onesies still fit, but we're getting into the 3-6 month clothes.
  • Abby tries to hold her bottle and pulls it out of her mouth, only to get mad. Sometimes, she just stares at it and tries to pull it back in her mouth. She obviously knows what the bottle does ;)
Abiageal is such a blessing and I can't imagine my life without her. She's beginning to recognize us as well, and smiles when she sees me or her daddy in the mornings. 

I'm looking forward to July when my younger sister comes to visit at the beginning of the month, and my mom may be able to finally meet Abiageal at the end of July! 

xo. Nicole

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Abiageal || 2 Months

Photo courtesy of my Abby's auntie, Treasured Forever Photography!

She turned 2 months old this past Saturday, May 6th. It has been so fun watching Abby grow and learn! We've had our fair share of rough days, but overall, she's a happy and healthy baby. My c-section incision finally closed at 8 weeks postpartum after 2 skin infections that kept popping it open. I missed her one month update, but onwards! I don't remember which milestones she hit before 1 month other than the fact that she's been holding her head up since week 2!

Weight: 12 pounds, 8 ounces (+ 4 lbs, 7 oz since birth)
Height: 58 cm/23 inches (+ 1.5 inches since birth)

Favourite things: 
  • A lion on a crinkly toy that came with her play mat. They have some serious conversations, and her face just lights up when she sees it!
  • Baths
  • Family. She loves tracking her cousins around the room and doesn't play shy yet with anyone! So far, she's a people person ;) weird, because her daddy and I both aren't.
  • Standing. She is SO proud of herself when we hold her forearms and she pushes herself up to a standing position. Many bubbles are blown and smiles happen!
  • Changing. As soon as I lay her on the changing pad, she's all smiles!
She's been a belly sleeper since 3/4 weeks old and refuses to be swaddled or put to bed on her back. One morning, she woke me up because she had rolled onto her back and she was pretty darn mad about it. She's also sleeping through the night! Our typical night is her sleeping from 9pm to about 4am. Last night was 10:30-5:45 because it was immunizations yesterday and she was feeling pretty off in the evening. We both made it through that, though with a few tears from both of us.

She loves blowing bubbles and smiling when she sees me, Rob, or her lion + giraffe toys. Abby found her hands, and it was fun watching her figure them out because she was always punching herself in the forehead. Her arm movements are a lot smoother, but she obviously still has a ways to go. She's starting to open her fists a little more but is still swatting at her toys with closed fists. She's been grabbing my fingers and trying to bring them to her mouth. She's not there yet with toys, but I see it on the horizon.

She had her first chiropractor appointment and she did so well! She slept through my adjustment, then despite being woken up, she was a champ and just stared at the chiropractor. A few adjustments in her lower back and one around her neck, and she was good to go. He mentioned that she was pretty advanced in her strength for her age. Well, duh ;)

It's pretty surreal having her here and knowing that I'm her mom!

xo. Nicole

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Maternity Photos

Well, it has been a hot minute since I last posted. My last post was a 39 week bumpdate, but I ended up going 11 days overdue and had Abiageal on March 6th, 2017, and now I have a 7 week old! I've been thinking about posting her birth story on here, to share and to keep, but it's probably going to be a while (let's be honest).

It's really been great, despite recovering from a c-section (helllllo house cleaner!), and our little chicky is so happy and healthy.

Anywho, I wanted to share the photos my sister in law took of me! I was 34 weeks along in these pictures :)
All photos courtesy of Treasured Forever Photography!

I'll be sure to share Abiageal's newborn photos too! I somehow found the time to make this post because it's 7am and of course I'm wide awake while Abby sleeps soundly in her bassinet. 

xo. Nicole

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bumpdate || 39 Weeks

How far along: 39 Weeks
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: 38 cm as of Tuesday. My belly had stopped at 37 cm for 3 weeks, then bam another centimeter! It could also have been the position baby was in when she measured. I see my midwife again next Tuesday!
Maternity clothes: Yeeeepppppp.
Sleep: Pretty frustrating. Up to pee, braxton hicks, and hip pain when I lay on my right side. Also, heartburn.
Best moment this week: Rob came with me to my midwife appointment, as he wasn't working, and he got to hear her heartbeat as well! I'm also negative for that group B strep thing, which means no IV for me if I can help it during labour!
Worst moment this week: Heartburn is going to be the death of me, or someone. I'm living off Tums! Knock on wood, but today hasn't been bad at all. Also, midwives suggested walking or swimming to help with labour, and I haven't been doing that (except walking around the grocery store and cleaning the house) so I basically got called out in front of Rob, lol.
Miss anything: Not having heartburn, and just not being pregnant.
Movement: Quite a bite. She likes to move her bum and feet along my bra line but it doesn't hurt. This past week or so though, she likes to push on my left side and it's actually a little painful. I try pushing her back to stop but it doesn't work. I was worried last night because I realized she had hardly moved all day, but she started moving around while I was bed.
Cravings: Just orange juice and berries still. 
Queasy or sick: Yes. Taking my nausea meds in the morning as well as at night now.
Looking forward to: I believe the last bit of pregnancy is so uncomfortable so that you're okay with the impending doom of all that pain to get her out. We're ready for her to come, but we're enjoying our time together, the silence, and the ability to get out of the house whenever we want, but I am SO DONE being pregnant. It's taking a huge toll on me to constantly have heartburn and the other side effects. I'd be okay going into labour right now just so it could start being over with. So, in short, I'm looking forward to the pregnancy symptoms to be gone, but I guess you get a whole new set of symptoms after labour. 

Hopefully this is my last bumpdate!

xo. Nicole

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bumpdate || 36 Weeks!

But seriously, how does Rob get toothpaste on the mirror every. single. time?!

How far along: 36 weeks/1 day in the picture
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: As of Tuesday, it was 37 cm, so about a week ahead.
Maternity clothes: Everything lol.
Sleep: Last Friday was glorious, I slept straight from 9:30pm-4:30am before a pee break. No such luck since. If I find a comfy position, usually a Braxton Hicks forces me to move, or I'm up to pee.
Best moment this week: I'm all done work! I'm officially on maternity leave :)
Worst moment this week: My gosh, the heartburn. It. Won't. Quit.
Miss anything: Not having heartburn and being able to dry my legs after a shower or put on socks without having to pee afterwards from bending forward.
Movement: Quite a bit, but her movements have become more gentle as she gets squishier in there. Rob saw my belly move yesterday and I've been seeing it a lot more! She doesn't move if I lay on my left side, so at night I try and sleep on my right side for a bit just to feel her move. Trying to soak it in as this very well could be my only pregnancy and it's almost over!
Cravings: As of lately, fruit! Mostly berries, grapes, and orange juice. A bowl of fresh fruit is SO good with cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Queasy or sick: Still occasionally nauseas some days, despite still taking meds. Can't wait to be done that!
Looking forward to: All the 0-6 month clothing is currently in the washer/dryer, so folding and hanging all of that today! I also have a baby shower next week on Sunday and I'm sooooo looking forward to it! As terrified as I am for labour, I'm also intrigued. I wonder how it'll start for me, how I cope, and when it will start. Last night after a pee break, it took a little while for me to go back to sleep because of an intense period cramp-like pain. It kind of set in that she could come any day now, so it kicked my butt in gear this morning to organize her room a little bit and wash those clothes! Also, time to start planning freezer meals.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bumpdate || 33 Weeks!

How far along: In this picture, 33 weeks/2 days. Today I am 34 weeks!
Gender: Girl
Belly Measurement: Unsure, but assuming all is great. My midwife is on holidays so I saw a different midwife and she just said "perfect!" when she measured this past Tuesday but didn't tell me the number. I also didn't ask, haha.
Maternity clothes: Yep. Everything except the cardigans! My belly has juuuuust about outgrown a few of my maternity shirts, but I got more during our trip to BC over the holidays. I'm good now until she pops out of me!
Sleep: It's okay. Since my last bumpdate, we went to BC for 2 weeks and I found it difficult to sleep well as we weren't in our own bed. Being back, it's a lot better. Braxton Hicks contractions started last week and kept me up a couple nights because they'd only go away if I changed position. The midwife I saw on Tuesday said her head is really, really low so that could also be contributing to the cramping I've been having. Now I have a cold and woke up with a fever this morning, so sleep was hard but I did end up getting 10.5 hours (according to my FitBit).
Best moment this week: Coming home and being back into our routine and I'm able to start getting things done around the house.
Worst moment this week: This cold! Rob and his mom had it for almost the entire time we were in BC, and it started hitting me the Sunday morning we flew back to Alberta. It's slowly progressing and this morning I woke up with a fever and a swollen throat. One symptom at a time apparently, but it's better in some ways because I'm not completely bed-ridden. I took today off work to rest and relax and hoping to go back tomorrow!
Miss anything: My energy.
Movement: Some times at night it feels like she's going to burst out the side of my belly, but it doesn't hurt. She's pretty active, and her little feet or bum keep pushing my bra up on my left side ;) She's still head down but facing posterior. I have some moves I'm going to start doing so she turns to face my spine for an easier labour.
Cravings: Sweet things, but not necessarily sweets. Orange juice and fruit are big right now. My appetite has gone down a bit with this cold, but the raspberries I had with my lunch were divine.
Queasy or sick: Occasionally slightly nauseas but not enough where I feel like I'll puke. Still taking my nausea meds before bed!
Looking forward to: My last day of work is January 27th, then I can start making freezer meals and getting things done around the house! Also, maternity photos this coming Sunday, and baby shower on the 5th of February! Oh, and I guess meeting our baby and wondering when labour will start. ;)

I missed a few weeks (obvs) of bumpdates, but I did take a picture the morning we arrived in BC at 31 weeks/2 days!
xo. Nicole