Monday, April 30, 2012

Kony 2012

Kony 2012's 'Cover The Night' was on Friday, April 20, as many of you knew already. It's April 30th and I just received my two shirts and Action Kit. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't here earlier, but better late than never!
I promptly put my white shirt (not pictured yet) and bracelet on.

Today, I had class until 12:15 and then work until 5:30 and now Rob has friends over even though I wanted to go grocery shopping. We have no food in the house! 
First day of class after spring break and we learned all about how a baby comes out of a woman. It's made me never want children (well, not really.)

xo. Nicole

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sort Your Laundry!

Moral of the story? Never, ever wash your white and blue towels with a brand new brown bath mat.
They look so gross :(

xo. Nicole

Golly Gee

Oh dear! I realized that working at Starbucks inside a Chapters/Indigo, is NOT a good idea for my wallet! After work today, I went looking through Chapters and found some things.
My new iPhone case! It changes when you rotate it!
My brand spanking new notebook! I love the Chevron print on it. Only $5! It's definitely going to be a notebook for my blog and ideas and such!

Did you buy anything spectacular today?

xo. Nicole

My Favourite Blogs!

As a new blogger, I am always looking for new inspiration. I've come across a lot of blogs and have a few favourites that I check and read every single day! I really hope you'll take the time out of your day to go and check them out.

As soon as I get home, I always go to my favourites tab and check out my list of blogs. 

(P.S.: I couldn't quite figure out how to make the pictures link to their blogs, so just clicking the name above their picture works!)

Firstly, I always click on Kaelah's blog, Little Chief Honeybee
She has always been the nicest person to talk to and she almost always replies to your mentions on Twitter! She has a little family consisting of her Fiance, step-son, and two dogs. There are always giveaways and outfit posts on her blog. Her blog is definitely one that I look to for inspiration! I hope one day that mine can be as big and successful as hers.

Secondly, I click on Allison's blog, Crafted Love.
There is always a DIY here! She's very inspiring in the way she works so hard and always makes time to blog and update her followers. She is engaged and recently got two kittens! 

Third, there's Molly's blog, Smart, Pretty and Awkward. Molly started her blog a few years ago and her followers have skyrocketed! Every post has 3 tips, one on how to be smarter, one on how to be prettier, and one generally on how to be less awkward. It's a gorgeous  blog and I sat there and read as many as I could the first time I came across it!

Fourth, there's Jess over at boho baby bump.
Jess is such a wonderful wife, mother and person! You can really tell what kind of a person she is by reading any of her posts. She writes from her heart and is so passionate and kind! I definitely advise you to check out her blog for an uplifting experience.

As someone who recently found out about my dairy and egg allergies, I'm always on the hunt for some vegan recipes. I came across Angela's blog long before I found out about my allergies. Her blog, Oh She Glows, has so many recipes! I'm checking it daily for her recipes and exercise tips! It's truly a wonderful blog that anyone, Vegan or not, will love.

Liz at srsyliz is so stylish and crafty in her graphics. 
I'm always using her desktop calendar wallpapers on my laptop! She's a super sweet and wonderful person with really great style.

I love perusing through Jessica's blog, TART!
She has such a cute little family, and her blog is one that I hope mine to be like. She's such a wonderful role model in the way of being a wife, mother, and blogger! Her daughter, Rowan, is also just super adorable and quite the style star.

Lastly, I am always clicking on Nicole's blog, Making It Lovely. She's a crafter, wife and a busy entrepreneur all while being a mother of two! She's been in a few magazines and she has transformed her entire house in to one that makes me want to move in or at least, decorate mine like hers. Her blog definitely deserves a look-through!

I hope you can enjoy these blogs just as much as I do, and maybe they could be as big of an inspiration for you as they have been to me!

xo. Nicole

Our Evening

I had a pretty good night yesterday! I got off work at 6:15 (my last shift at Ardene!) and then I was dragged out on a double date with one of Rob's friends and his friend's girlfriend. I was pretty tired and really didn't feel like going out, but Rob has this way of convincing people to do things after they say "No." So, off we went down to the Fraser River for a little bonfire.
It got dark pretty quick and I even smushed the first mosquito that I've seen since August! We went home after about an hour and played with mine and Rob's kitten. Eventually, Cole and Lauren left and it was just Rob and I watching some movie that I fell asleep during. I really shouldn't say 'No' to everything, maybe I'd start having more fun.

xo. Nicole

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Vice

As someone with a dairy and an egg allergy, there aren't many tasty breakfast foods out there. Most dry cereals even have modified milk ingredients! Lately, I've relied a lot on bacon and hash browns. Rob introduced me to a new way of making hash browns so that they're super tasty!
The secret ingredient? A little bit of Montreal Steak Spice! Give it a try!

Hope everyone has a good day :)

xo. Nicole

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? - DIY

Good Morning!

I hope everyone's morning is going how they want it to go!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm engaged! Rob proposed on November 18, 2011. I am going to be having 5 bridesmaids, and Rob has 5 groomsmen. I asked my 3 friends first if they wanted to be a part of the wedding party, and they all said yes! How do you say no to that, anyway? I had planned on asking my 2 sisters, Desiree and Aimee, in a more special way (not that my 3 friends aren't special!). While browsing one of my new favourite blogs (who is getting married on the same day I am), I came across a pretty crafty way to ask my sisters if they would be a part of my wedding party.

I adapted the idea from her craft, and both of my sisters said yes!

Items that you'll need:
(Everything was bought at Dollarama)

  • Cardboard Boxes (# depending on how many people that you're asking)
  • 1 bottle of Acrylic paint (any colour)
  • 1 paintbrush
  • 2 fake white roses (or any flower)
  • 1 bag of hubba bubba bubble gum (or any treat you want to put in there)
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 highlighter
  • Tape 
  • 1 roll of lace (or any fabric)
Start out by laying down some newspaper to protect your table or work area. I painted the inside of the boxes in one of our wedding colors (unfortunately, not the exact shade), first. Second, I painted the outside when the inside was dry.

When the paint was dry (and it dried quickly!) I taped some lace fabric around the outside in another of our wedding colours. 

I cut the stems off of the fake roses and put 8 pieces of gum in each box.

Next, I cut out two hearts out of construction paper and printer paper and wrote down my question! :) 

And now they're ready to go! My younger sister texted me when she opened it, "Thanks for the gum!" and I totally thought she didn't want to be my bridesmaid. I asked my mom what was up and she looked in the box and saw the question on the lid and told my sister, who promptly texted me with a yes. I would keep that in mind if you try this and find an easier place to see it.

Thanks for checking it out! Good luck!

xo Nicole.

Restarting The Blog!

Hi there!

I haven't updated the blog in almost a year. Holy cow, how things have changed in a year! First of all, Rob and I are still together. We're engaged, actually!! He proposed in November 2011, and we currently live on our own in Vancouver, BC. Our wedding is going to be in June of 2013. That's a whole post for another day. Second, I'm 9 months in to my 10 month certificate program to become a Child and Youth Care Worker. I have an extraordinary instructor and wonderful friends in the classroom.

This blog is now probably going to be getting a new title. Alberta or Bust isn't really my life anymore, though amazing things have come out of me living there for 10 months. I'm just starting out and am always open to advice from my fellow bloggers on how to do this thing!

I want to thank Katrina over at pugly pixel for the template that I am currently using on the blog! I am, unfortunately, html and css illiterate, at least for now ;) Her video tutorial has helped me a ton, too!

Alberta or Bust is going to be a blog about my daily life. It will have things like crafts, pictures, recipes, etc.! Come to think of it, I have a DIY post coming up on how I asked my two sisters if they would be my bridesmaids! But for today, I have my last shift at one of my jobs!

I'm excited for this blog to become an outlet for me! Thanks for taking the time to come by and check out my space! :)

xo Nicole.