Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey guys!

Just letting you all know that I'm still here. Life has thrown some crazy curve balls and I've lost some motivation to post. Rob and I are having to make a major life style change, and our 3 month old puppy got attacked yesterday by a vicious husky at the park. A Broke Bride is also getting a new layout pretty quick! I will definitely have more motivation to post. My goal is to make the centerpieces this weekend and then work on making some fabric/paper flowers for them and my bouquet. 

Thanks for checking in every day and asking how Gunner, our puppy, is doing. It's super appreciated <3
He's doing so well and already fullll of energy!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Our Valentine's Day this year wasn't totally conventional for a couple getting married in 4 months. We sat around at home, I baked cupcakes, we took the dog to the dog park, had a couple friends over, played Worms, and then made hamburgers for dinner. Wedding weight loss was definitely not a success yesterday....or this morning.
The cupcakes are the only thing I took a picture of yesterday. I enjoyed our day together. We couldn't really afford to go out for dinner or buy gifts for each other and I am A-Okay with that. It's a Hallmark holiday anyways and we show each other love all year round.
We've made progress on our February Wedding To-Do list! For the music, we've decided to use a DJ. We know we said we would do it ourselves with speakers and an iPod, but it's going to cost about the same to rent the speakers and such, so a DJ is just less hassle and a LOT less stressful. I'm glad we came to this conclusion about the music. 

Allison just emailed me the final drafts of the invitations! They're super awesome and I can't wait to share them with you!

xo. Nicole

Friday, February 8, 2013

4.5 Months Away!

Guys, the wedding is only four and a half months away and there's still so much to do! I've been finding a lot of inspiration in different places, but mostly Pinterest. It really helps, but it also confuses me on which ideas I want and can use. My little Pinterest Strike didn't go as planned...

I've decided to set myself a checklist for February of what needs to be done this month. It's on my calendar that's on my fridge, so I should see it every day to remind myself.
  • Invitations - People need to reply by April 30 so they should be going out by the end of this month, tops. Allison is almost done! She's sent me proofs, and I am tooooo excited to see the finished product!
  • Flowers - Why the hell should I spend SO much money on bouquets that I'll be holding for 2 hours? No thank you! That money can definitely be saved or go towards something else. I've decided on Paper Flowers and/or fake flowers. It won't look cheap unless you're at the wedding and you're a very judgmental person. We're young and broke, why waste money on flowers?
  • Rental Equipment - Our venue is supplying a TON of the necessities, like tables and table cloths, but they don't supply many decorations. They told us about a lady who makes wedding supplies and rents them out to people. I've contacted her and her prices are pretty reasonable and she has some stuff that I like. It's now just finding the time this month to go to her shop in Langley, BC.
  • Hotels - Before the invitations go out, I need to research hotels in the area and go about booking a ton of rooms for out-of-town guests (which is practically the whole guest list).
  • Registries - Every time that Rob and I are in the mall I mention we could pop in to one of the stores and do a registry, but he always just wants us to plan a day to do it. Well, I've started the planning for that and I have a couple days off next week. These will help with the bridal shower!
  • Centerpieces - This is a project that could be done in February or March. I just want to get them done and over with so I can worry about other things. I have to make those paper flowers before I can make these, though.
  • Fabric - I need to research good deals on burlap and lace if I'm going to create the vision I had in mind for all the tables.
  • Music - We've opted out of having a DJ (so far) and have decided to just use our iPod and speakers. It worked at my sister-in-law's wedding, so why not ours?
How's your wedding planning going?

xo. Nicole

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Lately in Pictures

Things have been super crazy lately! Rob and I got a puppy a week ago and he is a huge handful. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. He's adorable and has so much love to give us. Since nothing new has come of the wedding planning (that's changing pretty quick) I wanted to show you my "lately" in pictures. I hope you're all having a wonderful February so far! xo

How has your "lately" been?

xo. Nicole

Sunday, February 3, 2013

You're it!

Tag, you're it!
Jennifer from Sail The Ship tagged me...so here we go:

The Rules:
Answer the 11 question set
Set 11 questions for the people I tag
Mention the blog that tagged you

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I have no idea! We tried Alberta and all we did was miss our friends, and I would live anywhere but Surrey right now...

What is your idea of food hell?
Prison food or food that is under cooked.

What are your top 5 holiday destinations?
Banff (our upcoming honeymoon!), Maui, Alberta, Cancun, and maybe just at home with no work that day.

Top 3 Ryan Gosling films?
Crazy, Stupid Love, The Notebook, and no idea what other movies that he's in..

Would you rather walk on hot coals or run through a pit of snakes?
Hot coals FOR SURE

If you had to live in one season for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
Spring! I hate when it's super hot out and I don't like when it's super cold out. In Vancouver it'll just be rain, but I'm okay with that.

If your life was the Truman Show, what wouldn't you want us to see?
When I get cranky and whiny, haha!

Idea of a perfect Valentines?
Rob! But it would have to be relaxing, watching Netflix, and just enjoying each other's company.

What would your last meal be?
I had hoped I wouldn't have to think about this one, haha but probably bacon, hash browns, and perogies!

Worst fear?
I've thought about this one a lot lately (I should really stop), and I really don't know. Might sound lame to some, but I dread getting a phone call out of nowhere one day saying that someone I love has died. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it..

Elephants or Alpacas?
Elephants! Alpacas are just weird..

So now it's my turn! I tag...
Megan from Mind Wide Open
Adriana from Horses of Ares
Nicole from Gypsy in Jasper

My Questions to You Ladies:
If you could only have one outfit in your wardrobe, which would it be?
What happens during your ideal 'girls night in'?
Greatest accomplishment so far?
What is one thing that you're looking forward to most for 2013?
Where have you found inspiration lately?
What was one cool thing that happened to you this past January?
Who's your Valentine this year?
How many animals have you had over the course of your lifetime?
What was your first vehicle?
Do have a favorite blog? Please share!
What was the last craft/DIY that you created?

Can't wait to read your answers, ladies!

xo. Nicole