Sunday, June 30, 2013

Married Life

Being married is one of the best things in life. Besides the obvious, I also feel a lot more grown up and am really learning more each day of how to appreciate the little things. I didn't think I could love him more, but I do. They weren't lying when they say that things change after marriage - for the better!
I still don't have as much free time as I'd like, but when I do it's thinking of Thank-You cards and going through our apartment and getting rid of things we no longer need or use. Some big changes are coming up soon for us, so we want to be as ready as possible (no, not pregnant!).
Our animals are definitely okay with us being back to normal and home all day. We received a new bed spread (and bed!) as a wedding gift and it made me realize we may love our animals more than we know because we picked our bed set to match them ;)

Tomorrow, Google Friend Connect leaves us forever! Some of you are following me on there and I wanted to make sure you don't lose me, so I'm also on Bloglovin!
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xo. Nicole

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Wedding: The Rings

I don't want to share all the parts of our wedding in one go, so I'm going to do it separately! Why not start off with a symbol of our marriage? For the ceremony, Rob and I opted for the Celtic Handfasting Tradition, and that is what the blue, purple, and white braided ribbon is for! I will go in to that in more detail in another post. I also made my bouquet!

My photographer cancelled 3 DAYS before the big day and I was left to scramble for one. That was a huge stress, but it worked itself out in less than an hour. Rob's sister, Lauralynn, is just starting a photography business and had never done a wedding before. My pickle was that yes, her photos would be amazing, but I wanted her to enjoy her brother's wedding. She said it would mean a lot to her to do the photography, so that figured itself out and she became our official wedding photographer! She specializes in newborn photography and so this was her first wedding! I think she did amazing! You can check her out here.

My engagement ring came with the wedding band already so we were covered on my rings for the wedding. The only one we needed to get was Rob's. He is fully Scottish but really enjoys the meaning and the look of a Celtic knot, so we had to incorporate one on to his wedding band. Hardly any jewelers around here made any of that style, but we finally found one at our local mall (go figure).

Rob's ring is made out of Titanium and just looks so perfect for him. I opted out of Tungsten because if there was an emergency, the ambulance or paramedics would need a special tool to cut it off and I'd rather immediate action be taken. Is it weird for me to find it sexy when I catch a glimpse of it on his finger?

xo. Nicole

Friday, June 21, 2013


Well, we did it! We're married. The day went so great and everyone keeps complimenting us on how it was one of the best weddings that they had been to. 

I'm on a bit of a hiatus while we settle back down to our regular daily life, but I will be sure to keep you updated! :)

xo. Nicole

Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Week!

This time next week, I will be a married woman just finishing dinner with my new husband and all of our closest friends and family! This year and a half has just FLOWN by! Apparently I'm falling apart though, because things just keep happening to me... On Friday, my wisdom tooth swelled up and so I'm on two different antibiotics, then I got a massive head cold, my nail got bent and bled (on my ring hand, too!) and then I broke my flip flop at the dog park today. I'm quite grateful that I caught my tooth and this cold this weekend and not next! I still have some crafting to do, but it's coming along nicely.

In the end, as long as I'm married to Rob, nothing else will matter.
xo. Nicole

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guest Post - Adriana from Horses of Ares!

It is such a pleasure to be guest blogging for my beautiful friend, Nicole, today about the wonders of apartment living. I recently moved out of my parent's home with my boyfriend, Nick, to a one bedroom apartment in the city. We've been enjoying our freedom and sense of independence for two months now and haven't been happier!

Don't get me wrong - living with a roommate has it's wonderful pros and it's questionable cons. For example, he believes that having a mess all over the floor means our apartment is "homely" so I get to do most of the cleaning. But on the other hand, getting breakfast in bed from time to time isn't half bad either! The trick to living happily together is: Never keep score no matter how much you want to, learn to share the room instead of dividing it, and always be willing to compromise. So it's been a give and take of sorts which has worked great for us.

As of right now, our apartment is halfway full with furniture but there's still a lot of empty walls and unfinished rooms so we've been really thinking about setting a weekend aside to shop for decorations, or make our own DIY projects. Here is a list of my favorite projects so far:

1 // Gilded Pattern Votive Holders and Bud Vases DIY by Creature Comforts
2 // Matte White Glass Bottles DIY by Decor8
3 // Stenciled Towels DIY by Style Me Pretty
4 // Geometric Switch Plate Cover DIY by Silhouette Blog
5 // Natural Looking Boxes DIY by Craft & Creativity
6 // Distressed Wooden Shelves DIY by Sugar & Cloth

What are some of your favorite DIY's for the house? Thank you so much, Nicole, for having me! And thank you, lovely reader, for sticking by my ramblings. Come visit me at Horses of Ares to read more about my daily adventures and let's become blog buddies. Until next time, have a really wonderful week.

love and hugs, adriana