Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014 - I'm still here!

I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends over the holidays! Our Christmas 'season' was spread over 4 days, and it's all done now. That's right, 1 night of appetizers and 3 nights in a row of turkey, turkey, turkey! Next year, I think it's going to look different as we'll finally have our own place and can host a dinner. Maybe ham? ;) I'm still hanging around, but blogging has not been on my priority list for December. I came down with a pretty nasty cold, and all my energy was used for work and for buying/wrapping gifts, baking, and just general every day life. January looks like it's going to be a lot slower, so I'm looking forward to that!
Rob and I both have 2 weeks off for the holidays (not by choice). I work in a school, and his company just shuts down over the holidays. It's a little stressful financially, but we also aren't spending a ton of money on groceries for lunches, and the excess gas usage that comes from driving 40km+ each day, each. The first thing on Rob's agenda on his first day off was obviously a nap. Gunner always likes to join us, he's even the big spoon most of the time ;) 
I tried to make all the gifts look pretty, even though I know it just gets ripped to shreds anyways. I loved using Kraft paper with twine and stickers from Thatch & Thistle. I got the scales/scalloped and polka dot paper from Michael's in their $7 bin! It was a great find - many compliments on how pretty it is/was. I was in charge of dessert for 2/3 dinners, and I ruined dinner #1's dessert. I overloaded my arms with gifts, my purse, and the cookies pictured above. To put it all in the car, I put the cookies on the roof and put everything else on the back seats. Well, I forgot the cookies on top of the car and we didn't figure it out until after our 1 hour drive to my sister's...and there were no cookies.
Our first dinner was at my sister's. My nephews LOVE Rob and always ask where he is when I head over there by myself. Rob definitely 'paid' for not being there at other times and got sat on by my youngest nephew, haha! We finished dinner and watched The Lego Movie before heading back home. It was SO nice to have my grandma and grandpa there this year. It made dinner like, 10x better! I made a gluten free apple pie for Rob and his sister for our 3rd dinner. It wasn't touched, so now it's sitting on our counter at home for my dad to eat. 
I tried bringing cookies to our 3rd dinner, and it worked out. Cookies went in the car and on to the counter - no leaving them on top of the car this time ;) Gunner has been loving having us home all day (except those 4 days in a row we were gone from 1pm-11pm) and is getting in to mischief with this extra energy/being awake more. I'm pretty sure he just sleeps when we're at work, so now all he wants to do is play and bring us our dirty socks. 

How were your holidays? 

xo. Nicole

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Favourite Post || December

christmas gifts
I'm excited to bring you December's favourite post link up! December was a slow blogging month for me, but I plan to be right back at it in the new year. This time of year is always crazy, but I've completed 99% of my shopping! Now for some baking and wrapping. You bet there's bailey's and hot chocolate going on tonight ;)

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This Month's Hosts Ashley from Hello Nature, Lexy from Crazy Cass Life, Nicole from a la Maxfield, and Kerry from Glory in the Valley 

My favorite post from December: Currently v.03

Now link up your favorite post from December!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week's End || December 15



1|| It was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on Friday the 12th, so the staff at our school all wore one! I picked up a plain red sweater from Value Village, along with some decorations, and sewed up one pretty ugly sweater. One of the kids said it was so ugly that it was cute, haha! I came across a sweater cookie cutter and decided to make a big batch of ugly Christmas sweater cookies for my coworkers. It sounds SO cliche, but I loved the feeling I got when everyone enjoyed them on their breaks.
2|| I put together my secret Santa package for the #GreatChristmasExchange2014. It was supposed to be mailed out on Wednesday, but I ran out of packing tape..then forgot to pick some up...then forgot the packages at home...and forgot them at home again. Well, Monday it's going out for sure! (I'm not usually this bad...)
3|| The CPR Holiday Train goes through Canada every December, and I wasn't able to go with my mom and younger sister this year. It was something we did together for the past couple years, but we're provinces apart this holiday. Instead, I drove to my older sister's and we took my nephews. It was their first time! I definitely enjoyed the weather in BC better as we couldn't feel our toes, thighs, and faces, haha! They boys loved it though :)

1|| Aren't these wallpapers perfect for December?!
2|| This is the recipe I used for the sweater cookies. So good!
3|| My husband's favourite holiday treat is butter tarts. This recipe looks simple and yummy.
4|| Next year, I'll be doing this with Rob's nephews and niece!
5|| Next Christmas I can't wait to have our own tree and our own place to decorate. I'll definitely be making these for my husband.

xo. Nicole

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Currently v.03

Ah, another link up that I soo enjoy doing. December is looking like a swell month, despite my husband's lack of knowing where his things are, and my new car already having troubles. The hubby lost his wallet AND his car keys today. Thankfully, his wallet was returned, but his keys are still MIA. Today on my way to work, my temperature gauge on my car decided to drop to "cold" and my dashboard told me "ENGINE HOT. A/C OFF" Well, my a/c wasn't on, and my engine definitely wasn't overheating. My brother in law is about 90% sure it's just a sensor. A cheap, and hopefully quick fix to do this weekend. When will my car troubles end?

Making || This weekend, I'll be writing Christmas cards with Rob's nephews and niece. I hope to get to baking a pie this weekend, too! I'm looking forward to getting some Christmas baking started soon, but it's so hard to narrow it down where to begin. Do you have any favourites (gluten free or not!)?

Listening || Last Friday at work, we had NO kids in our class as there was a pretty brutal snowstorm blowing through, so we listened to Christmas music as we did some prep work. Otherwise, it's usually just T-Swift's new album while I'm running at the gym (go me!!).

Wrapping || I just finished wrapping like, 4 gifts on Sunday! I'm proud of myself for getting half my shopping done so early. I also "wrapped" some snail mail that was long overdue and sent it out on Monday. I've been using some lovely twine and stickers from Thatch & Thistle to wrap the gifts, and I can't wait to place another order! I forgot to add washi tape to my cart last time ;)

Watching || No Christmas movies yet, just Supernatural. We've finished watching Numb3rs and a few other series on Netflix, and this one was next on our list. I may or may not have my eyes closed and head turned for about 70% of each episode, but it's a really great show!

Anticipating || It sounds soo corny, but I am TOO excited to give everyone their gifts this year. I've been supporting small business instead of making the gifts by hand this year, so it's been a little easier to shop. Next year when we're in our own house, I'll have more room to have all my crafting supplies out and then gifts will be mostly handmade again! I'm also anticipating a Christmas cookie swap with my coworkers, and Winter break!

I'm linking up my currentlies with Anne and Jenna. I hope you pop over to see what everyone else is up to, or to just say hi. :) Happy first week of December!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week's End || December 1


1|| Gunner finally has his cone off! He's been taking full advantage and cuddling us like there's no tomorrow. This is his "can I come on the bed? Can I??" face!
2|| Tess is soooo thoughtful! It was such a nice surprise to come home from a long day at work, and have unexpected fun mail waiting for me. I love me some sparkly nail stickers, and Rob's favourite colour is blue - that's a win win situation.
3|| We got hit with SO much snow! Obviously, not as much as parts of New York, but that's a lot for only 36 hours of snow fall. None of the kids in the classroom showed up, so we had lots of time to do prep work. It was my turn to drive on Friday, but I couldn't get my car out of the trailer park. My coworker decided it was best that we went in her truck.
4|| Gift wrapping has started! I'm about halfway done shopping, but it feels nice to have half of it completely done. I'm using stickers and twine from my new favourite shop, Thatch & Thistle :)

1|| Shared my first ever mood board. It worked out well for my first time!
2|| There's a link up + a giveaway going on right now!!

1|| Rebekah shared some important information if you're a make up lover. ;)
2|| Amanda's husband is hilarious
3|| It annoys me to no end when people ask why I thought it would be a good idea to marry young. First off, mind your own beeswax. Second, this.
4|| Do you take part in these things? I'm tempted to for December!
5|| Mmmm, this is a tasty twist on hot chocolate.

xo. Nicole