Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer 2013

1// True camping out on Chilliwack logging roads. 2// It really feels like summer around our place when we have popsicles in the freezer. 3// Koshka loves it when I don't fold our towels right out of the dryer. 4// Gunner seems pretty in to my morning smoothies. 5// Sam Roberts Band at the PNE in Vancouver; Waiting for the show to start. 6// My best friend (and Maid of Honor) and I at a radio station's tent at the PNE in Vancouver while we waited for the summer nights show to start.

xo. Nicole

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Our ceremony was one of the main things we got compliments on, and people are still talking about it almost 3 months later! I hardly remember it, everything's a blur, but I've been told there wasn't a dry eye. I remember coming down the stairs and focusing on Rob the entire way down the aisle. I had been holding in tears all day and when it came my turn to say my vows, I burst out in to a blubbering mess! We did a Celtic Handfasting Ceremony along with some personal vows, and none of our guests had seen it done before. Our commissioner had also never done it before, so we did a quick rehearsal a week before the wedding. Everything went smoothly! Except I didn't know when to give my bouquet to my Maid of that was pretty awkward..

During the Celtic Handfasting Ceremony, a ribbon is looped around the bride and groom's right hands, which are held by each other. The colors of the ribbon depend on the meaning. It only takes a quick Google search to decipher the meanings. We chose purple, white and blue because they're our favorite colors though, then I braided them together. My Maid of Honor and the Best Man each took a turn looping the ribbon over our hands after each question was asked. The commissioner asked us 6 questions, and we answered "We do". Then it came time for our personal vows (cue crying), putting the rings on, the kiss, and signing the registry!

We walked back down the aisle to Boston's 'More Than a Feeling' and our bridal party followed. It felt amazing to walk back down the aisle with my new husband!

xo. Nicole

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Wedding: Getting Ready

Getting ready was one of the best parts of our wedding day! I had all my bridesmaids (which included my sisters), my mom, both my mother-in-laws, and my sister-in-laws. We all met at my place around 8:00am, went to the Chateau to set up, and then back to my place for hair, make up, and dresses!

Our make up was done by my friend/coworker, and our hair done by my new sister-in-law. They did such an amazing job! I'll go into detail in another post, though. We had a lot of fun chatting and drinking orange juice. I ended up getting pretty antsy around 1:30pm to get my dress on because the limo was arriving at 2:00pm to bring us to the ceremony, and because I was just too excited to hold it in anymore! 

While doing up the corset back to my dress, my mom tried to get a funny shot in. There were plenty of laughs and I'm pretty sure my heart stopped when we all heard a snap. It turns out my mom had snapped one of the loops for the corset, but it all worked out in the end! In the picture below, you can see everyone laughing..and where my heart stopped. I laughed too after the initial shock!

I am so very grateful for all the help we got that day, and how everything turned out. Our timing was pretty much impeccable and we all looked stunningly gorgeous! I wouldn't have had it any other way.

All photography by Treasured Forever Photography.

xo. Nicole

Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Wedding: The Cake

Our wedding cake was one of my favorite things! I browsed Pinterest for like, ever, before we sat down with our baker. We came up with a branch and flower effect and 3 tiers. The top layer was gluten free (seperated from the other 2 layers with cardboard) and it was amazing!

My younger sister also made 3 different flavors of vegan cupcakes! I wanted a vegan option for dessert, as my mom and one of my bridesmaid take part in that lifestyle. The Chateau's chef also made them a delicious vegan dessert, so they didn't feel left out!

The cupcake flavors were Apple Pie, Lemon Cranberry, and Reese Piece! The wedding cake, I have no idea what it was, but I know all three tiers had a different flavor. One was mango filling/vanilla cake, another was boston cream filling/chocolate cake, and the gluten free was butterscotch filling/vanilla cake!

All the stands were made by my father-in-law and new uncle! They sanded and bolted the pieces on so it wouldn't move. My mom ended up getting both of the stands for her garden after! 

It was definitely tasty, and we know from all the compliments and comments that our guests also enjoyed both the cupcakes and cake! It was also nice for our budget to go through a friend for our cake rather than a big name bakery, and for my younger sister to just buy the ingredients to make the cupcakes and then for us to reimburse her. My uncle helped her ice them as well. I wouldn't have changed anything!

xo. Nicole