Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yummy! || GF Banana Chocolate Muffins

Oh man, these muffins did NOT taste gluten free...at all! They are so moist, and so delicious. They were really easy to make, too. I came across the recipe while I was browsing some blogs (like every morning) and drinking my coffee. I figured that even though it's friggin' hot in our house, I still want to bake, and darn it, I want muffins!

I used a Pyrex bowl that I found in the cupboards at my dad's house. In the last couple years, I have fallen in love with Pyrex! I feel like I'm baking with my grandma or my mom when I use the dishes on my own. This bowl was just big enough to hold all the wet and dry ingredients together. Cute and functional.

My muffins turned out a little differently than the original recipe, and that may have been from the oodles of chocolate chips that I added. They're a wonderful addition, and next time I'm thinking pecans too, no? You can find the delicious recipe on Linen + Leaves. She even made it easy to print so that you don't have to lug your laptop around like I did. 

What have you baked lately?

xo. Nicole

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