Monday, August 18, 2014

Week's End || August 18

1|| I painted my nails and afterwards, I realized it had the same name as Kaelah's new baby boy, Linden!
2|| Chipped all the old polish off out of boredom, and repainted using another Julep polish, Lorenzana. Love it! It looks nude/grey before, but in the light it's looks grey/purple!
3|| It's been SO hot and humid here in Alberta, so I found the biggest glass I could find and filled it with ice and water. Then I high tailed it to my air conditioned bedroom!
4|| I baked some gluten free chocolate banana chocolate chip muffins. They were pretty darn good that we ate them all, and I had to make more to bring to our nephew's birthday party yesterday. They went quickly there, too.

1|| Here's the post on those delicious gluten free muffins!
2|| I shared part 2 of my fitness journey. 

This past week, we also got pre-approved for a mortgage! We'll officially be house shopping/buying in January. We're pretty darn excited and I can't wait to be in our own house. I can only imagine the get togethers, and Gunner will have a big yard to play in, without being on a leash. After we're settled in our new place, I'm sure we can give in to my baby fever ;)

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xo. Nicole