Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What's in my Makeup Bag?

I'm not one to wear a ton of makeup, but I do keep a bag! Apparently, I like the colour pink when it comes to this stuff, though. I never wear foundation, as I hate how it feels and I've always rubbed it on something to the point of embarrassing myself, be it a sleeve or something. I only wear white eyeliner in the corners of my eyes, and some mascara. I have some lip stain that I've never touched, but it feels good knowing that I have it just in case. 

My makeup bag also mostly contains hair accessories and necessities. Ponytails, little elastics for those small braids and subtle hair styles, bobby pins galore, etc.. The red and white bobby pins are from Little Honey Pies. I bought these so long ago, and now she makes floral pins and headbands! So cute!

The necklace is from outsideeverywhere. I won a giveaway and used some shop credit. I like keeping it in my makeup bag instead of with my other jewelry because it makes a great last minute accessory if I really feel like dressing up. On the right, it's my favourite eye liner, ever! It's Annabelle, and it works like a dream. I've tried NYX and others, and none of them blend as well, or are as white. I just put some in the corner of my eyes, and smudge to try and make my eyes look bigger.

My actual bag was a gift from my friend at work, who also did my makeup at my wedding. She surprised me with it when she came by the morning of my big day, and it was so nice. She stuffed it with all sorts of goodies, including the nail file pictured above. I'm not sure where she got it, but it's lovely and fits quite a few items.

I'm a huge creep and would love to know what you keep in your makeup bag!

xo. Nicole


  1. K, first off - you have the cutest makeup bag! Is the julep stuff the lip stain? I have a little nub of Annabelle white liner too lol I totally have to get more. It's fabulous!

  2. haha, no not the lip stain. The lip stain is the one in the first picture, bottom right corner that says "for keeps"! It has 3 different colours in it. The Julep stuff is just plain ol' lip gloss :)

  3. I burst out laughing at this post because I have the exact same one currently sitting in my drafts folder. Great minds think alike.