Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Closet Confidential

Happy Wednesday! I'm excited to be linking up with In Its Time + Dearest Love for The Circle. This month's challenge is a closet confidential. We rifle through our closets and try our bests to answer the questions provided! Their theme for this link up is a vlog, but I really don't know how (and am too embarrassed) to film myself, so pictures it is!

My wardrobe isn't very big (typical answer, isn't it?) so I can't really answer all 6 questions. I answered what I could! On that note, I have a few core pieces that are worn every week. It's mostly full of comfortable clothing, with a few pieces of not-so-comfortable-but-necessary items, like dress pants.


1. What is the newest item in your closet?

I was grocery shopping one Monday by myself and found some $7 v-neck shirts! How could I pass that up? They had a lot of fun colours, but I still went with navy and a white one. 

2. What is the oldest item in your closet?

Ah, my 4-5 year old hoodie. UFV stands for University of the Fraser Valley. It's a University in Abbotsford, BC and I went for one semester. I was totally in the zone during that first semester that I had to buy a hoodie. It's held out this long, and there's not even a loose thread on this thing! It's perfect now for these terrible Alberta winters.

3. What is the least expensive item in your closet?

100% would be this cardigan that I found at Value Village. Can you consider VV thrifting? I found this one that I wear a lot, as it has short sleeves, whereas most cardigans have long sleeves. I found another cardigan during that trip, it's full of stripes, but it was a few dollars more than this one. It's definitely the biggest bargain in my closet, too!

4. What are you current favourites in your closet?

Helllllooooo maxi skirts! I have 4 in total, but these two colours/designs are my favourites! The other two are solid black, and navy/beige horizontal stripes. Maxi skirts are one of my favourite styles, but I'm not quite where I want to be in my fitness journey to be comfortable wearing them right now. One of my main goals in my fitness journey is to feel comfortable in my clothes, so these are a great motivation!

xo. Nicole


  1. Maxi skirts are the best! I just ordered another one and am already planning out my outfits with it. I love that you have patterned ones and ones in cute colors--I've only been boring and bought solid ones in darker/neutral colors. :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love a good basic tshirt, especially in multiple colors! I really love that short sleeved cardigan, Cute!

  3. I hear people say that they're better than yoga pants! I can't wait to get where I want to be in my fitness journey where I'll feel comfortable in the skirts, with just a plain top and fancy necklace. You should totally splurge and get a patterned one.

  4. I need more basic shirts, haha! I only have black, white, and navy. Time for pink and green!

  5. That black and white maxi skirt is amazing!!