Monday, August 11, 2014

Week's End || August 11

1|| Gunner being Gunner. This was early morning, and he wanted to play with his toys!
2|| Snail mail! I prepped it and I'll be sending some out later today when I go grocery shopping!

1|| I shared what's in my makeup bag! What's in yours?
2|| Love poutines? Gluten free? So do I! I shared a quick and simple recipe here.

1|| I came across this post, and it hit me hard. I am so glad that someone finally wrote it out.
2|| Amanda did the accent vlog challenge! I'm too technically challenged to film anything, and too nervous to post a video of myself on here just yet.
3|| Arielle challenged a pin on Pinterest. Vinegar while painting your nails?!

As every week, I'm linking up with Beth from Oak & Oats for Week's End posts. 

xo. Nicole


  1. Oh my your cute! Oh and great post share, great topic! Have a great week!

  2. Thank you! He's pretty adorable, he's staring at me right now waiting for a treat ;) I love sharing other's posts with everyone because I totally shouldn't be the only one to benefit from their advice or great topics. You have a great week, too!

  3. your dog is adorable! (also can i just say that concise week's end posts are my favorite? your post is so full but not like paaages long like mine would be if i tried one haha...) and i'm stopping by from the oak and oat's link-up!

  4. Hehe, he totally knows that he's adorable, too. He milks it for all it's worth! And thank you!! I'm glad that my post is something that others find easy and fun to read :)