Friday, August 15, 2014

MFJ v. 02 || My Favourite Blogs

A huge part of my fitness journey has been finding inspiration and motivation. There are a lot of places nowadays to find those things, but it's hard finding what's right for you, or for me! I notice a lot of people using Pinterest to repin quotes and such, but that never really did anything for me. I like blogging, but I love reading blogs more. 

When I began my journey, which you can read about here, I came across a few blogs that helped get me started. They contributed to pushing me to go to those work outs that my friend offered me, and continue to push me through this month (August) while I can't afford the personal training. 

Pictures are c/o Glisten Fit and Livy Love

There are countless fitness blogs that offer a lot of inspiration, but these two really stuck out for me! 

1|| The picture on the left is Jessica! She blogs over at Glisten Fit and it's her own personal training business! She knocks it out of the park with how wonderful and helpful her and her blog really are. She posts monthly calendars, recipes, Fit Friday workouts, I friggin' love it!

2|| The picture on the right is Diana. She blogs at Livy Loves to Run! She has lost a considerable amount of weight just from exercising and changing her diet. She's just over 100lbs lost, looks SO good, and her face just glows! She is definitely a huge inspiration for my weight loss. 

By me sharing my favourite motivational blogs, I hope that you find some energy and drive in to helping yourself if you need it, too!

Source (the only source I could find for it!)

xo. Nicole


  1. thanks for suggesting those reads! i'm so inconsistent with exercising, so i need all the motivation i can get!

  2. I'm glad you came across this post and could find these blogs! they've been huge helps for me!