Monday, July 14, 2014

Weeks End

1. Slowly teaching Gunner to balance things on his head. When it's a treat, no problem. A toy? He just looks so hard done by! Do your animals know any tricks?

2. Having the summer off work means I can go grocery shopping any day of the week instead of just Sunday. An after-shopping snack today!

3. It was my birthday on Saturday and my husband surprised me with a picnic at a park and then some paddle boating. We finished off the day with some birthday daiquiris. My Walmart tumbler is good for anything ;)

4. I volunteered on Friday and Sunday at a children's Summer Fun Festival in Stony Plain. All of the volunteers got a free glitter tattoo from the Sparkle Fairy booth. His name? Moosey.

What you may have missed:
1. I posted my first ever hair tutorial! It's super simple, anyone could do it! 
2. I also posted a little update.

Good reads:
1. Shelby shared an outfit post, that she photographed in the mist and used a toy camera.
3. Amanda posted about why she loves direct sales companies. It's good timing too, because I've been thinking about entering one of the companies. 

xo. Nicole

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