Monday, July 21, 2014

Week's End || July 21

1|| We finally had a decent thunderstorm here, and I believe it was Gunner's first one that he's experienced since he was only a couple months old. He couldn't sleep, but he got lots of cuddles from me!
2|| I hardly ever take selfies, but since I've started working out and becoming more confident with my looks, I've started taking more. I was feeling pretty confident with myself here!
3|| I received a Jamberry Nails sample from a trade show (I requested chevron, hehe) and I'm loving it! It's been a week now, and it hasn't even chipped OR started peeling. In love.
4|| I had zero energy on Friday, but I finally got out to Target to exchange something for my stepmom, and picked up some eggs for more baking. I treated myself to a sugary tea drink, and then my husband came home and told me that we were going out for the weekend. Oi vey.

1|| My sister in law is amazing with her camera, and I shared some of her work here!
2|| I shared one of my favourite collections.
3|| The BEST gluten free teriyaki sauce...ever! 

1|| Shelby shared five things going on in her life lately.
2|| Tiffany and her husband were on vacation and brought a gnome with them! I love it :)
3|| Amanda needs your input

I'm linking my Week's End post up with Beth from Oak and Oats! You can check it out here!

xo. Nicole

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  1. Thank you! My Jamberry nails are just now starting to peel a bit, so I'm totally searching for more and deciding which designs I like. It's so hard to choose!
    We're expecting a thunderstorm tonight or tomorrow, but my husband isn't a fan of them. I LOVE them when I'm home and know that I'm safe and with the people I love, haha