Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Easy Overnight Waves

As someone who was blessed with straight hair, I obviously crave curly hair once in a while. No tutorial has ever really worked for me, in the way of holding the curls all day. Even for my high school graduation, bridal shower, and hair just falls flat within a few hours. I tried something new with my hair though, and it's worked pretty darn well so far! They come out more like waves, but it's better than straight hair sometimes. The waves last most of the day and it's little to no effort :)

To begin, make sure your hair has been towel dried, but still damp. Don't brush it, but run your fingers through JUST to get any knots out.

I'll be honest, my hair didn't turn out as curly as usual because it was too wet when I put it up. Step one's instructions are still correct, I just didn't follow that too well, haha!

Thanks for following along during my first ever hair tutorial! I've got two more coming soon, and I hope you have fun trying this one out! If you try it, link me up to a picture!

xo. Nicole

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