Wednesday, July 16, 2014


One of my favourite past times is painting my nails. It's such an awesome moment after you spend all that time painting them and they're finally dry. It can also really put that finishing touch on your outfit! I wanted to share my nail polish collection with you today. When I laid it all out, I realized that the only polish I really have is by Julep! 
I receive Julep every month, as it goes on so smoothly and you often only need one coat of polish. My favourite colors have got to be nudes and pastels! Sometimes I go out of my comfort zone and rock a bright pink, like Nellie (top left). In the top left picture, you can also see a chevron print! I received a sample at a trade show of a new product called Jamberry Nails! They're like nail stickers, but they're applied with heat and pressure. So far, so good!

I always finish off with O.P.I's top coat! It goes on really well and prevents chips for up to a week (depending on what I'm doing with my hands). I've shared how much I love Julep polish on a la Maxfield before here, and I guess not much has changed!

What does your nail polish collection look like? I'd love to see!

xo. Nicole

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