Monday, March 30, 2015

Weeks End || March 29

1|| My Sunday was allll about cleaning and getting ready for my week, which happens to be spring break ;) My Grandma is coming over tomorrow (!!!), and Rob still has to work all week.
2|| Forced myself to go for a run. Felt so good! I woke up the other morning with a charley horse and it's finally feeling better, only 3 days later.
3|| We got our first bedroom set from IKEA! I swear we've spent every Saturday there since we moved in. Next weekend we're finally getting a mattress for it.
4|| My first day of spring break involved me laying on the couch with Gunner watching Teen Mom.
5|| Still loving this pink lip stain that I've had in my make up bag forever and never used. Whole30 has given me way more confidence than before.
6|| We went to a surprise birthday party for Rob's step brother and Rob held his new nephew. Ugh, my ovaries...
What did your week consist of? We were at IKEA again on Saturday to pick up some curtains and curtain rods and we put our marriage through the IKEA test trying to hang the rods up, haha! We had no problems with the bedroom set, but Rob couldn't find a stud around the window to drill the brackets in to for the curtains, and that got pretty frustrating. In the end, we got 3 rooms done.
I am so pumped to finally be on spring break! It's 11 days of doing whatever I want! 11 days of sleeping in while Rob goes to work, and 11 days of cuddling Gunner. My plan is to do a few minor things around the house, and then to get the guest bedroom ready and decorated for my in-laws, who come out in April for a week. Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship though. I spend too much time on it and then don't end up getting any of my ideas done in time ;)

xo. Nicole

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